Of Course! 2022: A Gala Benefit Party

June 12, 2022

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42 Brattle St
Cambridge MA 02138

June 12, 2022
4:00pm – 9:00pm

Of Course! - CCAE's major fundraiser - is a celebration of all that is best about CCAE!

We will feature irresistible mini-classes on topics that have caught the fancy of our best instructors. Then a brass band parade will escort us to The Charles Hotel ballroom, where the best restaurants, vintners, and brewers in Cambridge will provide us with intoxicating small bites and restorative beverages. Best of all, we will engage in the spirited conversation and sense of community that CCAE is famous for—all while raising a toast to Of Course! 2022 Honorary Chair Elizabeth Coxe.

Individual Tickets - $275
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All event attendees must show proof of full COVID-19 vaccination at event check-in. CCAE staff will be present and ready to check your vaccination status when you arrive. Our staff members are 100% vaccinated.


4:00 - 4:30 pm
Greeting with Cheese and Wine

4:30 - 6:30 pm
"A Menu of Classes at CCAE"
42 & 56 Brattle Street, Cambridge, MA

7 - 9 pm
"A Taste of CCAE"
The Charles Hotel Ballroom

A Menu of Classes at CCAE

Each ticket includes 2 mini-classes. Please note, all classes are offered for both session 1 (4:30 pm) and session 2 (5:30 pm).

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

The Romance of Chocolate and Wine with Victoria Kichuk

Come on a journey to discover the intertwining story of chocolate, good wine, and romance. Why does this decadent combination make your heart flutter and your spirits soar? Learn how to match your favorite chocolates with compatible wine varietals. Best of all, sample some delicious wines and chocolate treats from around the world in irresistible pairings.

A Trip to the Tempting Terrain of Tapas with Luis de Haro

Friends, family, and food are a way of life in Spain and nothing signifies this cultural lifestyle better than the making and eating of classic tapas—little bites with big flavors! Come learn how to make regionally authentic tapas. We’ll pair them with Chef Luis’ famous Sangria.

SUMMER COCKTAILS 101: A Hands-On Demo of How To Entertain Like A Pro
with Lino, Cocktail Impresario of The Charles Hotel’s Noir

Whether it’s on the lawn, porch, deck, or stoop - it’s about time, after this long pandemic - to get serious about entertaining this summer! Join well-known professional bartender Augusto Lino (formerly at UpStairs on the Square and now manager of Noir at The Charles Hotel) for a hands-on cocktail-making class. Lino will cover the basics of keeping a home bar, cocktail techniques, recipes, and insider tips to throwing the party everyone will be talking about this summer. You will learn 3 different styles of summer cocktails, and get to make (and drink!) them yourselves!

Beer and Art History with Kris Butler

Beer and art have a long history together, from Egyptian hieroglyphics to Picasso, Renoir, Manet, and Dr. Suess! You will taste historic styles while traveling through time and across cultures on a survey of beer in art history.

Summer Cooking with Cannabis with Melissa Smith

Take your summer cooking to the next level with subtle and interesting techniques that incorporate cannabis infusions into your entertaining life. In this class, you will learn about the benefits of using edible cannabis in a safe, educational, hands-on environment. You'll learn about infusing homemade salad dressings with cannabis – and practice pairing your infusions with fresh, seasonal vegetables. To participate, you must bring your own cannabis. Small jars will be provided to take home your creations. You must be 21+ to take this class. This class and venue are in compliance with MA cannabis laws; no cannabis may be bought or sold with the venue or on the property.

Express Yourself

The Intelligent Body: Chair Yoga and More
with Eric Bornstein, nationally certified Yoga Instructor
We begin by promoting body awareness with a short partner chair massage demo (participation optional), and move into a participatory and accessible chair yoga sequence to activate our muscles. Sourcing movements from our core, practicing proper posture, and coordinating with mindful breath, we infuse movements with grace and joy. Our practice promises to promote radiant health and support your whole body to feel more refreshed, renewed, and restored.

Disco Dancing with Jim Spellman

Discover the fun of discotheque dancing as you move through the freestyle steps of the 1970s and 80s. This class begins with a warm up of muscle isolations. Then we will learn steps - such as step touch, grapevine, jazz square, and bus stop. We will explore freestyle solo dancing, as well as dancing in pairs, small groups, and line formation - gettin’ down to the music of artists such as Donna Summer, Village People, and France Joli. Dance skills and moves taught in this session are transferable to other styles of popular music. We will have fun: each person enjoying their own groove to move to great tunes!

Tai Chi for Longevity with Tai Chi Master Leda Elliot

Experience the movements that help improve mind/body connection and enhance longevity. You will begin by learning about the history of Tai Chi and Qigong - their positive effects on cognitive function as well as mental/emotional/spiritual and physical health - and their impact on longevity. Next you will be led through a soothing and nourishing experience, moving mindfully through the practice of Tai Chi and QiGong. The course will finish with a short QiGong meditation to help cultivate deep awareness and stillness.


Is Bitcoin a Good Substitute for Money? with Jimmy Becker

Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies are all the rage and it's now even legal tender in El Salvador. Bitcoin's value is roughly ten times higher than it was just three years ago. It's well-suited for illicit transactions such as ransomware, money laundering, and drug trafficking, but can bitcoin replace traditional currencies such as US dollars or Euros? Join us to learn how cryptocurrency compares with today's system of paper money and plastic cards.

The State of the Square with Denise Jillson

Long-time Executive Director of the Harvard Square Business Association will hold forth on all things Harvard Square. Who's coming, who's leaving? What are the politics? How are current, responsible, long-term landlords helping to steward and preserve the nature of the Square? What will the near future bring? And most importantly, let's talk about the fact that Harvard Square has always been about change.

Calling a Spade a Spade: The Grecolatin Turns of Phrase Erasmus Dug Up
with Emilio Saavedra, Hellenist

This class focuses on the monumental legacy of the Adagia in modern European languages. This annotated collection of Greek and Latin proverbs, compiled during the Renaissance by Dutch humanist Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus had a hand in every proverb from crocodile tears to rolling stones. We will discuss the currents of Renaissance Humanism which gave rise to Erasmus as a linguist and educator, what he set out to do in this work in particular, and some of the pedestrian proverbs he transmitted to the modern collective consciousness. Participants can also hope to come away with a handful of sententiae in Latin and Greek to add a bit of gravitas to their remarks on the folly of man.

How the Classics Can Rescue Us with Clare Harmon

No matter who you are, where you live, or what your profession might be, none of us escapes the relentless commonplace experience of everyday life--or so we think. But imagine if you knew how to infuse your observations of a seemingly ordinary world with the gravitas of an epic work of literature? In this workshop, we'll read lines from Dante's Inferno, Virgil's Aeneid, and The Odyssey by Homer to explore the ways in which something ordinary is expressed in great literature. This workshop takes its point of departure from literary theorists Amitav Ghosh and Gyorgy Lukacs--who are masters at describing the epic world and its resonance with our own contemporary one. Participants will walk away considering if everyday occurrences--like the weather we wake up to every morning--can indeed provide a reflection point for some of the most profound moments of our lives.

From East Cambridge to MIT to NPR Stardom:
My Life and Your Car Repair with Car Talk Guy Ray Magliozzi

Nothing has shaped public radio in our community more than the weekly Saturday morning laugh-a-minute hour of Car Talk on WBUR Radio over the last three decades. Car Talk, the realm of Ray and Tom Magliozzi, became over the years, a legendary, hysterically funny, recounting of auto mechanical troubles, romantic dramas, and everyday difficulties--all in the guise of car repair. But did you know that these famous brothers actually got their start in a car-repair class at CCAE? Learn all about it, and talk with Ray--a wonderfully funny, sensitive, and totally enjoyable raconteur--and our very favorite radio star!

What’s Hot, What’s Not?—Navigating the Choppy Seas of the Auction World
with Karen Keane of Skinner Auctioneers & Appraisers

As CEO of Skinner, Inc., Karen Keane oversees the operation of one of the world’s leading auction houses, the largest in New England. Karen was instrumental in the establishment of Skinner as a world-class auction gallery in Boston and is a familiar face and leading appraiser on the PBS Emmy Award-winning TV series Antiques Roadshow. Please join Karen for a casual, free-flowing conversation to get her inside view on everything auction. This discussion will touch on the current market for antiques & fine arts along with the auction process itself, taking everyone through the life of a piece from the point of consignment to sale. Class participants will have the pleasure of hearing the fascinating stories-behind-the-auction that Karen has picked up over the years.

The New Horizons of Psychedelics with Anne St. Goar

It is a bright new world for psychedelics: once revered as the key to consciousness for the flower children of the Cultural Revolution, then outlawed for many years as big pharma swooped in to corner and market opioid, antidepressant, mood-stabilizing, and antipsychotic drugs for profit. However, recent studies demonstrate that certain psychedelic substances – accompanied by therapy – can help relieve anxiety, depression, PTSD, addiction, and fear of death for the terminally ill. These drugs can also be used in controlled environments to help individuals expand their very sense of being. Dr. St. Goar is a pioneer in this field. She practiced as a primary care physician for over thirty years and, in the course of her practice, observed the widespread physical and emotional impact of PTSD in her patients. Sparked by these observations, she became a therapist in the FDA approved Phase 3 study using MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD run by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS). Dr. St. Goar is a certified Psychedelic Therapist and Researcher through the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) since 2016. She founded and runs the Boston Psychedelic Research Group and is on the Advisory Council for the MGH Center for the Neuroscience of Psychedelics. Anne, a long-standing friend of CCAE, will talk about the current state of research using these medicines therapeutically.

A Jewel of A Class – Crafting with Nomad Owner Deb Colburn

In this class, Deb Colburn--one of our favorite Cambridge business owners whose shop makes the clear case that she has the best eye in Cambridge--will lead you through the practice of crafting jewelry from beads. You'll be privileged to choose among a treasure trove of vintage beads collected over the course of 40 years of travels around the globe. Plus, you will learn a little history along the way. Afterall, not only were beads once currency, they were worn as dowry, and used for healing, magic, and good luck. Make your own special bracelet as you hear Deb recount tales of her extraordinary travels.

Printmaking from the Recycling Bin with Natalia Slattery
Have you wanted to try printmaking, but found yourself overwhelmed by the materials and technical knowledge needed? No more! In this mini-workshop, we will learn several printmaking techniques that can be achieved with materials from your recycling bin, no press required.

The Wonderful World of Watercolor with Bryan Ramey

Whimsical, immediate, and highly expressive, watercolor is a vibrant medium used by master and novice alike to enliven even the most mundane image. In this sampler class, we will work from still-life, giving expression to a rustic country picnic, while learning some basic and advanced skills of this marvelous medium.

Wood Carving with Small Tools with Dan Paret

Spend a little time slicing nice wood with sharp tools. After a brief introduction and demo, you will have a chance to sample the slow, quiet enjoyment of carving simple patterns into wood.

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