A Message to Our Community

March 20, 2020

42 Brattle December 23

We hope you are staying healthy and safe, and please know that we are wishing the best for you and your families during these challenging times.

As we move forward together, we are reminded of the importance of our community. It is with your support that each year we are able to welcome 11,000 students, pursuing their interests and passions, alongside 300 instructors excited to share their knowledge and expertise. And it is because of you and your desire to explore, create, and grow, that we have been a mainstay of adult education for over 150 years.

In light of ongoing events, CCAE is facing unprecedented times. Now, more than ever, we must ask for your help. As a non-profit, we rely on your support. Making a donation or purchasing a gift certificate will guarantee that we survive, can continue to thrive, and remain an important pillar in the community.

Our mission has always been to provide a safe space where people from all walks of life can explore their interests, develop a new skill, or gather with like-minded individuals. With your support, we will continue to welcome students and instructors into our classrooms for another 150 years!

Thank you from all of us,

The CCAE Staff