Annual Instructor Meeting

December 20, 2019

Instructor Meeting Panel 2019

The night began with Executive Director, Linda Burton, giving a recap of Fiscal Year 2019. She was happy to announce that enrollment and revenue were up, as was class run rate. After discussing the growth of specific departments and the introduction of new classes, the floor was passed on to a paneled discussion with CCAE Instructors moderated by Program Manager and world language instructor, Francesca Ferraris. The panel consisted of Ploy Khunisorn (Program Manager and cooking instructor), Kris Butler (beer tasting instructor and Board Member), Brian Bixby (history instructor), and Anatole Sykley (history instructor).

The topic at hand was the importance of interdisciplinary and co-teaching. Anatole discussed the benefit of splitting the work and covering more ground on specific topics, which allows each instructor to play on the strengths and specific knowledge of the other. For example, Anatole knew much more about art and architecture, while Brian knew more about daily life and politics. They both spoke about how their differing teaching styles help improve their own and moves them towards their goal of being both informative and entertaining to their students.

Kris discussed how she got into co-teaching. She met an instructor at a former Harvard Square bookstore, struck up conversation about Indian cuisine, and upon discovering the person was a then cooking instructor at CCAE, they decided to teach a class together on Indian cuisine and beer pairing at CCAE. It was these conversations and many more that showed her how vastly different topics across departments can have common ground. Ploy recounted similar tales and discussed the benefits that come from co-teaching; such as improving curriculum, covering more ground, learning from both students and instructors, and having fun.

A reception was held after with Sofra catering where instructors got to meet each other with hopes of taking the topics discussed at the meeting to heart and to celebrate a year well done.