Fourth Annual Berta Golahny Awards

April 18, 2019

Fourth Annual Golahny Awards

The Annual Recent Works Exhibition is now on display at 42 Brattle Street. Stop by and see the best works produced by CCAE art students this year in painting, drawing, photography, prints, collage, and mixed media. This exhibit is displayed in connection with the Fourth Annual Berta Golahny Student Art Awards, juried this year by CCAE instructor and artist Ellen Stutman and Amy Golahny, whose family supports this exhibition every year to honor the memory of long-time art instructor and artist Berta Golahny.

This year’s student winners are longtime students Mary Gillis (“Northern Avenue Bridge”), Susan Varga (“The Garden at Longfellow House”), and Pui Wu (“Girl with the Blue Bandana”).

Artists whose work is shown this year include: Anne Beinecke, Mel Brown, Hilary Burling, Susan Chasen, Ruth Clark, David Colombo, Elizabeth Coxe, Darcey Crandall, Susanne Ebbinghaus, Goldie Freeman, Mary Gillis, Kristin Griffin, Morgan Hansen, Ann Haycox, Nicole Hogarty, Lin Huang, Catherine Hughes, Le Huong Huynh, Janet Huang, Melba Juez-Perrone, Andrea Karls, Caroline Liang, Ruven Liebhaber, Michelle Lynds, Valeria Martin, Nona Morse, Craig O'Neill, Kendall Pletcher, Judith Prager, Stephanie Ressel, Marina Rodniansky, Francine Rubin, Jhilam Sanyal, Hannah Stevenson, Sunia Trauger, Susan Varga, Min Verquist, Sarah Wright, and Pui Wu.

More information on Berta Golahny and the Golahny Awards