Instructors U-Z

Sara Vallesteros, who was born and raised in Oahu, Hawaii, is a deaf instructor for American Sign Language (ASL). She graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology as an art major, and has been teaching ASL in Boston since 2007.

Min became one of the top 5 semifinalists for Hallmark Channel’s Best Home Cook of America Contest in 2017, where she prepared Chinese dumplings on the nationally aired Home and Family TV Show.  Growing up in China, Min found her passion for cooking when she was 9. She enjoys recreating the flavors of China for her family and friends in Boston. She also enjoys roasting coffee beans and crafting latte art with simple tools at home. To learn more about Min:

Ben Vivante is a web developer living in the Greater Boston area specializing in affordable, easy to maintain websites that run off of Content Management Systems such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Ben is an expert in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Inbound Marketing, and
Website Analytic tools. Ben also conducts security tests and PCI compliance studies. Website:

Inès Wallabregue was born and educated in France (BA in Sociology at University of Nancy 2, MA in International Relations at University of Lyon). Inès background and career path are quite international. Indeed, she has worked as a French teacher at the Alliance Française Institute in Kazakhstan for over a year, before moving to Milan where she worked as a French tutor and Human Resources Recruiter. She recently moved to Boston.

Les Wallerstein is an attorney with a Master’s Degree in psychology who is committed to the least adversarial practice of law possible. He has practiced family law in Lexington since 1992 and is a past president of the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation, and the founding editor of MCFM’s Family Mediation Quarterly. He was also a founding member of the Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council, and has represented clients in contested and uncontested divorces, and mediated hundreds of divorces.

I am a retired professor of biology from China. Since I well learned Chinese classic literature and calligraphy in my earlier years, I am often invited to give lectures on calligraphy at Chinese school in the US. Also I have been a tutor of classic Chinese culture for an American lady Nancy Fray for about 6 years since 2009. She is a famous calligrapher in Boston area and published a translated collection of Chinese poems with an acknowledgement of my help. My calligraphic works are often exhibited at Spring Festival and collected by visitors.

Originally trained in mathematics and physics, Randall Warniers was seduced away from science by the pleasures of literature, cinema, and photography. He wrote computer graphics software for several years, and then spent nearly two decades as managing editor of a research journal at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. During this time he indulged his passion for street photography, French cinema, Victorian novels, and European travel. A former student of Garry Winogrand, he is happiest when he and his Nikon camera are in hot pursuit of decisive moments. A photography instructor at the Cambridge Center since 1986, he currently teaches "Mastering Digital Photography" and "Digital Photography for the Traveler."


Gerry Weisenberg was early educated in Ontario, took degrees in Art History and English, American, and Comparative Lierature, and advanced degrees in both from Harvard University. He has taught at Harvard, SUNY at Buffalo, Salem State and Northeastern Universities, and The Teachers College at Aalborg, Denmark. He has also taught at many adult education venues across the state.

In 1979, after serveral years as a carpenter, Sally Wetzler co-founded Community Builders Cooperative, a local General Contracting business. In 1993 she established Inspector Homes, a residential home inspection business, and became a Certified Inspector in the American Society of Home Inspectors, evaluating thousands of homes and condos over the years. She has recently retired from both businesses, but continues to enjoy teaching Homebuying classes at CCAE, which she has been doing since 1999. Sally continues to offer her expertise as a consultant in home evaluations for current homeowners.

Maureen White has a strong case of wanderlust and believes that travel is a powerful way to learn about not only the world, but also about ourselves. She’s worked in the fields of international education, experiential learning, and community building, and has visited over 30 different countries. She loves exploring the globe solo and overcoming society’s myths about women traveling alone-- and wants to help other women to do the same. You can view a selection of her travel photos at

Matthew “Malu” Wilder has been teaching self-defense, mindfulness practice and meditation for the past eight years. He is the founder of the martial arts system “Nagasu Nami” which focuses on bringing the mind and body to one, fundamental awareness. Matthew is a practicing Buddhist with roots in American/Tibetan Buddhism. Matthew is the lead instructor and founder of Nagasu Boston, a martial arts and meditation school in Jamaica Plain. Nagasu Boston's primary mission it to teach mindful living and self-defense to people who would normally feel out of place in a traditional martial arts school.

Alexandra Williams is an Artist / Designer / Producer / Educator. Her practice has primarily taken the form of bookbinding / printmaking / mixed paper media, but in the past 2 years she's turned her focus to collaborations, teaching, and personal growth through experimenting with new forms and processes. She find inspiration in nature, particularly the ocean / bodies of water in general.

Christopher Stetson Wilson is the creator of The Invisible Life of Poet, published in 15 alternative weeklies and Adbusters magazine, as well as the web-only single-panel comic Art & Wit. He also runs the local productivity and social comics meet-up Dwice Fox International, writes the twin blogs and, and writes music under the name Drugs and Gum. His most recent short comic, A Cat Named Norman, is available online and in local stores.

Dan Winchell has been teaching astronomy for several years. He has been involved with the local astronomy community and is a longtime member of the Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston (ATMoB). He is familiar with a variety of telescopes and is an experienced urban observer. Learning about astronomy and how to share that with others is an ongoing pursuit.

Maria Yuanita began dancing right after she graduated in Germany in 2010. She is trained in Hip Hop, Jazz and Ballet and has performed in clubs, theatres, and public places since 2012, under dance studios like On Stage in Hamburg and Flying Steps Academy in Berlin. In 2015, she obtained a dance trainer license to fulfill her aspiration to become a dance teacher. Together with the formation Holy Grail from Tybas Dance Center she won the Germany national Hip Hop championship in 2016.

Robin Yukiko has a Bachelor's degree from Berkeley College of Music and has taken several music education courses at Penn State. She currently resides in Arlington, Mass. and teaches voice at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education and teaches privately.