Humanities Classes in Cambridge

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Join us for engaging classes in Literature, Writing, History and Contemporary Issues, and Science. Lively discussions, fun and unique topics, and a welcoming community await! Located in the heart of Harvard Square, our community includes students from the Boston and Cambridge metro areas. 

Literature Classes

Students enjoy a wide variety of literature classes exploring great works of fiction, poetry, and the classics. Lively discussion and healthy discourse are always encouraged!

Writing Classes

Our writing workshops are open to all levels, from beginning students to more advanced writers. Students enjoy our vibrant writing community and working with our distinguished faculty of freelance writers, poets, playwrights, and authors who offer their experience and critique in a positive and constructive environment. 

Learn more about The Blacksmith House Poetry Series!

History & Contemporary Issues Classes

Our lively classes cover topics from American History and local walking tours to sensitive and timely issues of race and current politics. 

Science Classes

From Biology to Birdwatching, our science classes provide numerous ways to learn more about the world around you. 

Travel & Tours Classes

The Cambridge Center offers tours with historians and community educators, as well as professional tour organizations. Our diverse local tours are for visitors and tourists, those new to the area, or long-time residents who are interested in learning more about their home city.


Humanities Class Calendar