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The Cambridge Center for Adult Education offers outstanding classes in Literature, Writing, History and Contemporary Issues, and Science. Located in the heart of Harvard Square, the Cambridge Center draws students from the Boston and Cambridge metro areas and surrounding communities.  Our classes range from learning how to write poetry, studying classic texts, bird watching, and exploring current issues such as White People Challenging Racism.  

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Literature Classes

The Cambridge Center also offers a wonderful array of literature classes that explore great works of fiction, poetry, and the classics. Recent classes have explored the works of Aristotle, Dostoevksy, Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Shakespeare, Tolkien, Tolstoy, Updike, Vonnegut, and more. We also have courses in classic texts such as the Iliad, the Mahabarata, the Bible, and the writings of Zen Master Eihei Dogen. Our offerings change over the course of the year – so be sure to check out the latest ones in our current catalog!


Writing Classes

Our writing workshops are open to all levels, from beginning students to more advanced writers. You can learn to write Memoir, Poetry, Short Fiction, Essays, Screenplays, Children’s Books, and more. Students enjoy the opportunity to work with our distinguished faculty of freelance writers, poets, and authors, including Don Gervich, Daniel Gewertz, Katia Kapovich, Jane Katims, Mopsy Strange Kennedy, Peter Littlefield, Andrew Osborne, and Pat Sherman.


Featured Classes

Writing for Television

Come learn the basics of TV writing from an Emmy-award winning instructor! Whether you want to write a spec script for an existing show or create an original pilot for a network or cable comedy or drama, this class will cover everything from generating strong characters and dialogue to sitcom format and season-long story arcs, along with tips on sketch comedy, comic monologues, and sample packets for work crafting late night "desk pieces," game show questions, and more!

Commemorate the Centennial of World War I events of the year 1917

This year marks the centennial of several World War I events: The entry of the United States into World War I, The Battle of Cambrai where tanks were first used on a massive scale in warfare, and the Russian Revolution. We will explore the exciting and surprising backgrounds to and outcomes of one event per class.


Community Events

The writing program at CCAE also features two annual events that draw in authors and emerging writers from across the Greater Boston Area and New England: The Blacksmith House Poetry Series and the Fall Writer’s Conference.

The Fall Writer’s Conference is a full day of writing workshops in several genres and features a keynote address by a local author designed to inspire participants and also offer practical advice for aspiring authors.

Founded in 1973, the award-winning Blacksmith House Poetry Series brings established and emerging writers of poetry and fiction to Harvard Square. Readings are held at the Blacksmith House, site of the village smithy and spreading chestnut tree of Longfellow’s 1839 poem “The Village Blacksmith.”