Online Classes

We are excited to present CCAE online classes to our students!

Classes Meeting Online

Welcome to CCAE’s new online classroom. We are excited to offer online classes through Zoom meetings!

As we move through this unprecedented situation, we genuinely appreciate all of the support we have received from members of our community. We will continue to do our best to provide you with high quality educational programming that allows you to learn and connect with others in the CCAE community.

Zoom Meetings

CCAE is moving select classes online using Zoom! Zoom is an easy-to-use video conferencing program used by many schools and organizations.

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See below for a list of classes that will take place online. Classes will take place on Zoom until CCAE is able to open to the public again.

Please note: This list is being updated daily. If your class is moved online, you will be notified via email and phone, or you can check this page for updates.

Classes meeting online will list "online" as their location.

What you need:

  • A computer, tablet, or smartphone with audio and/or video capabilities
  • The Zoom desktop app or mobile app, or an internet browser
  • Access to the email address connected to your student account

How to use Zoom:

  • The zoom link and information on how to join will be emailed to you.
  • You will click a link included in that invitation to join the class at the scheduled class time.
  • If you register the day before the class begins or after the first date, please contact for the link.
  • More tutorials on using Zoom can be found at
  • If you are having trouble accessing the class, contact us at

Language Assessments

If you do not know your level, or would just like to know more about our classes, CCAE offers free personal assessment days for students to take a placement test and learn more about our language program.

Thank You to our Online Students!

We appreciate our community's support over the past few weeks. Students who take online classes over consecutive terms will receive an email with a discount code as a thank you for staying with us during this difficult time. You can also email for more information.


Scholarships available! CCAE offers financial assistance—50% off tuition—to qualifying students. Some restrictions apply. View more details here.


We've kicked off our new series, #StudentShareSunday, to remind us that even though we are self-isolating, we are not isolated. Tag @cambridgecenter and we will happily feature your art work, kitchen creations, musical talents, writing, & more! Whether it was made in class or inspired by what you’ve learned - we love to see what our students can do!

Your photos will be featured on our social media platforms.

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The CCAE COVID-19 Relief Fund

We have established The CCAE COVID-19 Relief Fund in order to help us through the shortfall over the next six months. Please make a donation to the fund to support our mission and help us through our projected revenue shortfall over the next period of time.

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