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New Classes

Introduction to Gospel Music

Today, gospel music is alive, well and thriving globally. Gospel developed throughout the years as the black spiritual counterpoint to secular jazz, blues, barbershop, rock ‘n roll, soul, rhythm and blues, hip-hop and rap.

Improvisational Comedy for Beginners

Have you ever watched a comedian or a comedy show and thought "I can do that?" Well, you're probably right! Improvisational theater is an amazing skill both on and off the stage. This course will get you started with fundamentals like "Yes, and," communication, and teamwork.

Let's Do The Old Soft Shoe

Come learn “Old School“ tap dance without the taps. Wear soft sole shoes with a low heel (preferably shoes not worn in the street such as flats or loafers). You will learn easy floor movements and techniques so as to make you glide across the floor.

Music Classes 

At the Cambridge Center, you can learn a new instrument, learn the basics of music theory, and study various topics of music from folk songs to opera with talented and active musicians from the Boston and Cambridge area.  For group instrumental studies we offer classes in violin, cello, double bass, guitar, piano, and voice. Whether you are interested in learning how to sing or play the piano take your first music lessons at CCAE. Some of our notable instructors include Susan Allen (opera singer), Lucia Del Guerzo (pianist), Cynthia Forbes (cellist), and John Tyson (recorder). 

If you love music but not interested in learning an instrument, CCAE has a variety of music appreciation classes for you.  Topics include the music of our favorite composers such as Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert, and Stravinsky to the Beatles and Bob Dylan. 

Dance Classes 

Lunchtime Tap with Susan AltCCAE has a variety of classes to get you moving and shaking! Our dance classes offer a great opportunity to become active and join a welcoming community. From ballet to salsa, we offer both daytime and evening classes. So, take a break in the middle of the day and join Lunchtime Ballet with Susan Alt or learn how to swing your hips and salsa in the evening after work! Classes are held in CCAE's Roberts Dance Studio. For our dance classes, please bring comfortable clothes and shoes that you can move in. 


Theater & Acting Classes

Let CCAE be your first step before you get on stage or on screen.  Take an acting class with engaging instructors who are active in the acting and theater world in the Boston area and beyond.  CCAE offers acting classes for all levels from beginner to advanced.  Additionally, we offer specialty classes in improvisational comedy, Shakespeare, and Broadway Musicals. Notable instructors include Cambridge theater figures Stan Edelson and Peter Littlefield and film & TV actor Dewayne Nelson.