The CCAE COVID-19 Relief Fund

Thank you for your support during this challenging time.

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The CCAE COVID-19 Relief Fund

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Thank you for Helping us Reach our COVID-19 Relief Fund Goal!

We are incredibly grateful that nearly 400 students, instructors, and friends of CCAE have supported The CCAE COVID-19 Relief Fund since its launch in April. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

The Fund allows us to provide a full range of online classes, give scholarships to adult learners in need, pay our innovative instructors and staff, and maintain our historic building during the cold winter months.

Our online classes bring in only half the revenue that we would receive from normal operation of our in-person classes. Since the virus will likely impact CCAE well into next fall, we will be keeping the Fund open through Summer 2021 in order to bridge the revenue gap.. If you have not contributed to CCAE’s Relief Fund yet, please consider a gift today!

Thank you so much for your support during this challenging time for all, and for telling us how meaningful CCAE has been to you during this period of physical distancing!

Make a gift to The CCAE COVID-19 Relief Fund via our online donation form. To convert a tuition refund or credit into a tax-deductible gift, contact the CCAE Registration Office at or 617-547-6789 ext. 102.

"In making this donation, we are remembering all the wonderful teachers we have had at CCAE over the years, including Susan, Dan Paret, and Laurie Savage. We thank you for your efforts in adapting to the current situation and wish you all the best."

CCAE Donor

"You're an invaluable community resource. Thanks for keeping on keeping on!"

CCAE Donor

"Thank you for helping me when I wanted to take courses at CCAE without being able to pay full tuition, back before 2009. I have never forgotten your generosity, and wanted to make a gift in return, for general use and as you see fit."

CCAE Donor

The CCAE COVID-19 Relief Fund Donors

Alan and Virginie Greene
Albert and Judie Muggia
Alex Keyssar
Alexander Lee
Alicia Perez
Alison Hynd
Alyson Lie
Amatul Mahmud
Amy and Jonathan H. Poorvu
Amy Glaberson
Amy J. Abelove
Andrea Kadomiya
Andrea Zahrte
Andrew Senchak and Barbara Case
Andrew Zucker
Ann Marie and David Wilkins
Anna-Constantia Richardson
Anne and Cameron Brandt
Anne Engelhart and Douglas Durant
Anthony Terrizzi
Antony A. and Ellen A. Stark
Artemis Hionides
Arthur Barrett and Adair Swain
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Barbara and Richard Currier
Barbara Hurley
Barbara Norr and Malcolm S. Salter
Barbara Petery
Barry Perlman
Becky Danning
Belinda Chu
Benjamin Gray
Betty Athanasoulas
Bev Feldman
Beverly S. Simon
Bina and Robin Thompson
Branden and Erica Gunn
Branville and Alicia Bard
Brenda Cadder
Brian Carey and Erin M. Graves
Brian Kelley
Bright Funds Foundation
Bryan Hansen
Carol A. Pechet
Carol and Joseph Green
Carol Cross
Carol L Fishman
Carolyn and Robert Osteen
Carolyn Woollen-Tucker
Catherine B. and Keith L. Hughes
Catherine Clark
Catherine Elcik
Catherine Matthews
Catherine Shavell
Cecilia Hale
Charles and Katherine Feininger
Charles Burlingham, Jr.
Charles Dietrick
Charles M. Sullivan and Susan Maycock
Charles Studen
Charlo Maurer
Christian Nolen and Susan Denny
Christine and Paul Schmid
Christine Armstrong
Christine Doucet
Christine Hiemstra and Douglas Ferrer
City of Cambridge
Clare Putnam
Courtney Keller
Crystal Schaaf
Cynthia Oldham and Richard Lacoss
D. and Jessica Sculley
Dan and Vicki Paret
Dan Calano and Kate Thompson
David A. Rooks and Mark Donald Philibert
David and Nancy Miller
David and Sharman Altshuler
David Blood-Deschamps
David Lehman and Bettina T. Bentley
David Montenegro
Deborah Cavanaugh
Deborah Gallagher and Peter Traversy
Deborah Halber
Deborah Neve
Deborah Thibodeau
Denise Jillson
Dennis Dahill
Diana Meservey
Diane Carson
Diane Manteca
Diane Pohl
Don Gervich, EdD
Donald Kalischer
Donna Gordon and Philip Johnson
Dori Kalthofer
Eleni and Amedeo Odoni
Elise Tucker
Elizabeth Ahn Toupin
Elizabeth and John Gilmore
Elizabeth Coxe and David Forney
Elizabeth Gallagher
Elizabeth Harple
Elizabeth Leto-Fulton
Elizabeth Liss
Elizabeth Molodovsky
Elizabeth Shannon
Elke Braendle
Ellen and Stephen Hoffman
Ellen Dubreuil
Ellen Stutman
Ellen Westheimer
Emily and Ronald Axelrod
Emily St Germain
Emily Tucker
Emma Power
Enid L. Beal
Eric Hanson
Eva and Lawrence Adler
Evelyn Schichner
Fay L. and David F. Hannon
Felice and Henry Yager
Frances G. and Harold I. Pratt
Francesca Ferraris
Frank Bordonaro
Fredericka and Howard Stevenson
Gail B. Mazur
Gail Gall
Garth and Lindsay Greimann
Gerald M. McCue
Gerrit Zwart and Cynthia Sunderland
Gwen Williams
Harold Helson
Harriet Griesinger
Harvard Square Business Association
Harvey Silverglate and Elsa Dorfman
Haviva Gelman
Heather Tuttle
Helen W. Donovan and Holly G. Nixholm
Holly Edmonds
Hope Hilton
Hormoz Goodarzy and Elaheh Kheirandish
Iana Strominger
Iris S. Chandler
Jacqueline Olds and Richard Schwartz
Jacqueline Rogers
James L. Winston
James Milan
Jamie French
Jane and John Attanucci
Jane Carpineto
Jane Elchkern
Jane Hirschi
Jane I. Katims and Daniel Perlman
Janice High
Janis Kaas
Jason Wang
Jean and David Nathan
Jean Bellow
Jean M. and W. Mason Smith, III
Jeannette and Charles Atkinson
Jen Duckett
Jennie A Thomas
Jennifer Lin
Jennifer Markell
Jennifer OBrien
Jennifer Serowick
Jesse Sannicandro
Jessica Feldish
Jessica Kroeber
Jhilam Sanyal
Jill Smith
Jin Chen Cooper
JJ Gonson
Joan Ditzion
Joelle Cabot
John and Consuelo Isaacson
John Connelly and Cathy Shea
John Herron, Jr. and Julia L. Moore
John O'Donnell
Jon Bush
Jonathan and Barbara Beckwith
Jonathan E. Gbur
Joseph and Helen Hunt Bouscaren
Joyce Mehring
Judith Lewis
Judith Quillard
Judith Vreeland
Judy Abrams
Judy Ann Kramer and Mark R. Wagner
Judy Dillman
Judy Lindamood
Julia Todd
Julianne Idlet
Julie Atwood Drake
Karen Yilmaz
Karin France
Kate Maes
Kate Sumney Frank
Katharine M. Wolff
Katherine Evans
Katherine Stahl
Kathleen Faigen
Kathleen Singer
Kathryn F. and Edward Kravitz
Kathryn Persons
Kathryn Riley
Kelly Slater
Kelsey Clark
Kendall Dudley
Kent Greenawalt
Kevin Finn
Kevin Hong
Kirsten Marie Butler
Kristin and William Martin
Kristin Griffin
Kristina Callaghan
Kyra Montagu
Lance Pierce
Laura Crary and Douglas Hall
Laura Kreutzer
Lauren Madden
Lauren S. Holleran and Katherine N. Salter
Lauren Valle
Laurie Rothstein
Laurie Savage
Laurie Stalker
Lawrence Rosenberg
Lawrence White
Li-Ting Hu
Lidija Polutnik
Linda Burton
Linda Chang
Linda Dyndiuk
Linda Lindquist
Linda Ordoukhanian
Lindsay Miller and Peter Ambler
Lisa Roderick
Lisa Underkoffler
Liz Loveland
Louis Foundation
Louise Bray
Louise M. and Laurens Goff
Madeline Duppenthaler
Maggie Stark
Maja Sedic
Marcia Folsom
Marcia Fredlich
Maren Anderson
Margery and Jim Sabin
Margo Mallar
Margot Mims
Margot Moomaw
Maria Rene
Marianna O Foos
Marilyn B. Dale
Marilyn Cronin
Marion Foster
Mark McKinnon
Mark Nahabedian
Mark Stanek
Martin and Marci Karplus
Martin Elvis
Mary Allen Wilkes
Mary and Brad Power
Mary Ann Serra
Mary Baine Campbell
Mary Christie
Mary Ella Feinleib
Mary Norcross
Mary Strange Kennedy
Mary-Catherine Deibel
Matthew Petersen
Maureen E. Ahern
Megan Welker
Melissa Trevvett
Michael and Susan Goldman
Michael Barry
Michael Hoy
Molly Downer and Michael Fix
Nan and George Soule
Nan Laird and Joel Altstein
Nancy and Robert S. Hurlbut, Jr.
Nancy Cooney
Nancy Goodale
Nancy Halpin
Natalie Wigotsky Reed
Nathalie Adda
Nikki J. and Warren M. Zapol
Nonie Brady and Wilhelm Merck
Olivia Ames Hoblitzelle
Pam and Don Giller
Pamela McGrath and Gerard Griffin
Patricia and John Jacoby
Patricia Eng
Patricia Gold
Patricia L. and David A. Straus
Patricia Mazza
Patricia P. Chappell
Paul A. Deibel
Peter and JaneAnn Fisher
Peter and Mary Lee T. Aldrich
Peter Barrett
Peter Littlefield
Peter Thorne and Katherine Gross
Phil and Hilary Burling
Philip Crutchfield
Q.E.D. Systems, Inc.
Qian Wan
Rachel Rosenbaum
Rae Simpson
Rajiv Raman
Renata Von Tscharner and Peter Munkenbeck
Rhonda Smith
Richard and Myra Von Turkovich
Richard Beaty
Rivka Simmons and Jeff Meyerhoff
Robert and Christina Mann
Robert and Geraldine Culver
Robert B. Straus
Robert De Groot
Robert Deibel
Robert Jaffe and Diana Bailey
Robert Nissenbaum
Robert P. Fichter
Roberta L. Rubin and Don Abrams
Ronald Wheeler
Rosalie Davis
Ross Neisuler
Ruth Clark
Ruth Erickson and Paul Goularte
Ryan and Melissa Swenson
S. Donald and Dorothy Gonson
S.H. Costanza
Sally Eaton Arnold
Sandra Middleton
Sandra T. and Hobart Fairbank
Sanghamitra Choudhary
Sarah Baker and Tim Albright
Sarah Harrison
Sarah J. Harder
Sarah Shiner
Sarah Turner and Andrew Kuhn
Scottie Farber
Sean O'Melia
Sharon Kennedy
Sheila Sullivan
Stephen Batzell
Stephen Locke
Steve MacDonald
Stuart Forman and Ellie Hitzrot
Stuart Kurtz
Sue Kelman
Susan and Geoffrey Rowley
Susan Bernstein
Susan Chasen
Susan Cnudde
Susan Eldredge Mead
Susan G Barbarossa
Susan H. Bush
Susan Meehan
Susan P. Davies and Richard W. Talkov
Susan Pekock
Susan Scott
Susan Siris Wexler
Susanne Ebbinghaus
Suzanne R. Dworsky
Tamar Kaplan
Tim and Martha Shaw
Timothy D. Rand
Todd Truesdale
Tom Reisz
Tony Zhou
Tonya Miller
Valerie Masis
Vanessa Hogan
Vanessa Martin
Victoria Richmond
Virginia Lane
Virginia Vaughan
Walpole Handmade Chocolates, LLC DBA L.A. Burdick Chocolates, LLC
Warren Croce
Wayne Simpson
Wendy Woodfield
William A. and Miriam K. Truslow
William M. and LuAnn S. Polk
William McMillan
Winifred Hentschel and Philip Trackman
Wylie Doughty
Yum Small
Yuri Eidus