The CCAE COVID-19 Relief Fund

Thank you for your support during this challenging time.

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The CCAE COVID-19 Relief Fund

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In order to bridge the financial gap until the time when we can fully restore our in-person classes here in our historic houses on Brattle Street, CCAE Board Chair Christian Nolen, along with members of our Board of Directors, Board of Visitors, and long-standing CCAE supporters established The CCAE COVID-19 Relief Fund. This fund, with a goal of raising at least $350,000, will help CCAE to sustain itself during this period when a good portion of our tuition revenue is not forthcoming, when refunds need to be made, and as new enrollments understandably drop.

Since the timing for resuming in-person classes is uncertain, we are seeking the resources to see us through this period--as we transition as many classes as possible online and prepare to open our doors to the community once again.

Thanks to the generosity of several donors, The CCAE COVID-19 Relief Fund was seeded with $150,000 in the first week of its establishment, but we need your support to raise the entire amount, ensuring that CCAE is able to survive this unprecedented crisis. All tuition refunds that are converted into a tax-deductible gift will be added to The CCAE COVID-19 Relief Fund.

To make a gift to The CCAE COVID-19 Relief Fund, please click here. To convert a tuition refund or credit into a tax-deductible gift, contact the CCAE Registration Office at or (617) 547-6789 ext. 102.