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Thank you to our Generous Individual Donors and Corporate Sponsors!

Annual Fund

With a gift to Cambridge Center for Adult Education’s Annual Fund, you can help us advance our mission to provide affordable, experiential, face-to-face adult learning in its two historic homes on Brattle Street.

Supporting a wide range of operational needs, the Annual Fund enables us to offer new classes, hire accomplished instructors, and establish innovative events and programs. The Annual Fund supports our talented teachers and dedicated staff, helps launch this new, mobile-friendly website, increases our marketing efforts and profile in the community, and allows us to offer free classes to fellow non-profits in our neighborhood.

Your generosity to CCAE’s Annual Fund allows us to grow and thrive, to meet new challenges and create new goals, to be deeply committed to our mission.

Individual Donors


Wilson and Eliot C. Nolan


David and Sharman Altshuler
Richard Beaty
Richard M. and Priscilla S. Hunt
Christian Nolen and Susan Denny

$2,500 - $9,999

Elizabeth Coxe and David Forney
Mary-Catherine Deibel
John DiGiovanni
Peter and JaneAnn Fisher
Louise M. and Laurens Goff
Amy Golahny
Jane I. Katims and Daniel Perlman
Gail B. Mazur
Carol A. Pechet
Jonathan H. and Amy Poorvu
Lia and William Poorvu
Natalie Wigotsky Reed
Jean M. and W. Mason Smith, III
Richard and Myra Von Turkovich

$1,000 - $2,499

Bear and Pam Albright
Jeannette and Charles Atkinson
Donald A. and Alpine Bird
Phil and Hilary Burling
Linda Burton
Joelle Cabot
Brian Carey and Erin M. Graves
Iris S. Chandler
William T. Colgan
Lindsay Leard and Charles A. Coolidge
Mary Coolidge
Philip Crutchfield III
Robert Loren Culver
Chris Dalton
Robert F. Deibel
Helen W. Donovan and Holly Nixholm
Molly Downer
Dan Elias and Karen Keane
Sandra T. and Hobart Fairbank
Mary Ella Feinleib
Robert P. Fichter
S. Donald and Dorothy Gonson
Carol and Joseph Green
John Herron, Jr. and Julia Moore
Lauren S. Holleran and Katherine N. Salter
Julianne Idlet
Patricia and John Jacoby
Janet Kinasewich
Mary Strange Kennedy
Nan Laird and Joel Altstein
David Lehman and Bettina T. Bentley
Jenny Littlefield
Louis Foundation
Susan Eldredge Mead
Diana Meservey
Kyra and Jean Montagu
Lori and Roland F. Pease, Jr.
Barbara Petery
William M. and LuAnn S. Polk
Mary Power
Jennifer Serowick
Tim and Martha Shaw
Mark Stanek
Alan Steinert Jr.
Fredericka and Howard Stevenson
Patricia L. and David A. Straus
Edith V. and Tadhg Sweeney
Bina and Robin Thompson
Pamela D. And Christopher B. Willis
Nikki J. and Warren M. Zapol

Up to $999

Anonymous (4)
Maureen E. Ahern
Jane and John Attanucci
Emily and Ronald Axelrod
Sarah Baker and Timothy K. Albright
Enid L. Beal
Jonathan and Barbara Beckwith
Jean Bellow
Annette Benedetto
Merle A. Bombardieri
Anne and Cameron Brandt
Charles Burlingham, Jr.
Susan H. Bush
Kirsten Marie Butler
Dan Calano and Kate Thompson
Patricia P. Chappell
Martha Chayet
Xiaoli Chen
Wayman Chin
Lindsay Leard and Charles A. Coolidge
Richard N. Cooper
Barbara and Richard Currier
Susan P. Davies and Richard W. Talkov
Paul A. Deibel
Elizabeth O. and Arthur P. Dempster
Elsa Dorfman and Harvey Silverglate
Scott and Wylie O'H. Doughty
Kendall Dudley
Suzanne R. and Leo H. Dworsky
Susanne Ebbinghaus
Susan A. Edwards
Ruth Erickson and Paul Goularte
Carol Lewis Fishman
Donald and Marjorie Forte
Herbert Friedman
Deborah Gallagher
Jonathan E. Gbur
Celia and Walter Gilbert
Pam and Don Giller
Elizabeth and John Gilmore
Gideon Goldin
Michael and Susan Goldman
Garth and Lindsay Greimann
Harriet E. and David Griesinger
Terese Hammerle and Edward Kelly
Stephen Hartlaub and Joanne Kaplan
Fay L. and David F. Hannon
Sarah J. Harder
Susan Hartnett
Harold Helson
Winifred Hentschel
Olivia Ames Hoblitzelle
Vanessa Hogan
Catherine B. and Keith L. Hughes
Nancy and Robert S. Hurlbut, Jr.
John and Consuelo Isaacson
Denise Jillson
Elizabeth and Adolph Jochnick
Jennifer Jones
Donald Kalischer
Rudolph Kass
Brian Kelley
Janet Mittell Kinasewich
Carol and Sarah Kline
Judy Ann Kramer and Mark Wagner
Kathryn F. and Edward Kravitz
Julianna Kremer and William Rich
Elaine and Peter Kuttner
Tesair Lauve
Al Leonard
Ruven and Gail Liebhaber
Linda Lindquist
Jean MacRae
Frances Maher
Chris Maltas
Christopher Malven
Robert Mann
Jennifer Markell
Stephen P. Marks
Kristin and William Martin
Thomas and Jane Martin
Peter and Hilary McGhee
Mark McKinnon
John A. McMullen
Ann Miller
David and Nancy Gelowtsky Miller
Lindsay Miller and Peter Ambler
Susan Miller-Havens
Michael Millner and Jill Forney
Clifford B. Moller
Kristin Mortimer
Albert and Judie Muggia
Jean and David Nathan
William Nigreen
Robert Nissenbaum
Emilie Norris
Gwendolen G. Noyes
Eleni and Amedeo Odoni
Suzanne P. Ogden
Jacqueline Olds and Richard S. Schwartz
Megan Orr
Carolyn and Robert Osteen
Arka Pain
Dan and Vicki Paret
John Pasalis
Susan Pekock
Lidija Polutnik
Frances G. and Harold I. Pratt
Rajiv Raman
Timothy D. Rand
Karen Reynolds
David A. Rooks and Mark Donald Philibert
Lawrence Rosenberg
Laurie Rothstein and Mark Simmons
Susan L. and Geoffrey Rowley
Joseph and Ann Ruotolo
David Salomon
Barbara Norr and Malcolm S. Salter
Linda U. Sanger
Christine and Paul Schmid
Susana Segat
Ruth Margaret Sherry
Blanca Silvestrini
Rivka Simmons and Jeff Meyerhoff
Kathleen Spivack
Antony A. and Ellen A. Stark
Stephen Sternbach
Robert B. Straus
Charles M. Sullivan and Susan Maycock
Peter Sun
Anatole Sykley
Karen McGee Tierney
Nina Tisch
Elizabeth Ahn Toupin
Mary and James Tracy
William A. and Miriam K. Truslow
Elise Tucker
Renata Von Tscharner and Peter Munkenbeck
Barbara W. and Chuck Waite
Roger S. Webb
Charles H. and Louise E. Weed
Dave Weissenstein
Susan Siris Wexler
James L. Winston
Lisa Wong
Susan Wood
J. Travis and John D.W. Woolcott
Felice and Henry Yager
Richard and Carol Yates
Karen Yilmaz
Elizabeth Goodfellow Zagoroff
Dorothy Shore Zinberg

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