Of Course! - CCAE’s Annual Gala Benefit Party

Celebrating CCAE in style!

Of Course! 2022 on June 12

Of Course 2019 Portrait Drawing Class Gala

Since 2008, CCAE has held the Of Course! Gala Benefit Party in some form. This always-festive evening has given CCAE a vital source of funds for our ongoing viability, scholarship program, and new community outreach programs. Of Course! celebrates all that is best about CCAE, including spirited conversation, a sense of convivial community, and a sampler of classes led by CCAE instructors.

For more information about this year's event on June 12, visit Of Course! 2022.

Since 2018, during years that CCAE does not hold the larger Of Course! Galas, we have hosted smaller Of Course! events. We have often asked restaurant partners to help us launch a lively, outdoor event in our Blacksmith House courtyard, when we again love to welcome our donors, guests, instructors and staff onto our campus to celebrate CCAE.

See photos from the past Of Course! events below!

Of Course! 2019 Photo Album

View photos from our Of Course! 2019 Gala Benefit Party in our Facebook Album.