Drexel Axeloons

Drexel Axeloons is a Boston-based bartender with a decade of high-volume craft cocktail experience. A native of Buffalo, NY, he was part of the city's nascent cocktail scene leading cocktail R&D at Mes Que while attending school, before moving to Boston with his wife in 2015. He spent a year working with the team at Beat Brasserie before moving across Harvard Square to work under Seth Freidus and Dan Pontius at Alden & Harlow. In his role as a Bartender and later Bar Manager there he helped craft hyper seasonal cocktail menus showcasing house-made ingredients and had a heavy hand in staff development and education.

This passion for cocktails and education led to an instructor role with Formaggio Kitchen as a cocktail & spirits educator. Then COVID lockdowns provided an opportunity to reset and focus on WSET certification in wine and spirits, and led to his current position as the Bar & Dining Room Manager at Nashawtuc Country Club in Concord, MA.

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