World Languages

Whether you need to learn a new language for work, are planning a trip abroad, or want to improve your existing language skills, our language classes cover everything from basics to advanced topics.

World Languages at CCAE

With a friendly group setting and students from all backgrounds, our classes empower students to use languages confidently with plenty of opportunity for practice and participation.

We use the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) to guide our language programs. Language schools around the world use the CEFR to assess students and give direction to instructors. Learn more about our language levels.

What level is right for you?

Can't come to one of our personal assessment days? Visit for an online self-assessment and descriptions of the levels using the Common European Framework of Reference.

More questions? Contact program manager Francesca Ferraris at 617.547.6789 x 112 or to find what level is best for you.

Free Personal Assessment Days (Spanish, German, Italian, and French)

If you do not know your level, or would just like to know more about our classes, CCAE offers free personal assessment days for students to take a placement test and learn more about our language program.

French, German, Italian, Spanish Free Assessments:

Tuesday | June 8 | 9 - 11 am
Wednesday | June 9 | 6 - 8 pm


"I enjoyed listening to and getting to know my fellow students and our teacher, and I felt welcomed to speak and take part in discussion. I enjoyed the class tremendously, felt challenged to improve my ability to speak German. Dianna [Erinna] was creative in responding to student interests. She broadened our horizons by giving us a great variety of materials to work with. She fostered a friendly atmosphere in which we could feel relaxed about speaking, mistakes and all."

Judith P., Breakfast in German: Frühstück auf deutsch

"This is my third class with Elena [Lori]. She's one of the best teacher's I've had and that includes my time in college. She has never missed a class and she is patient, prepared and always makes things better through her sense of humor."

Jane V., Italian: Beginner Conversation

"Neha [Coureil] did a wonderful job adapting to the zoom medium, and using various multi-media to keep the material engaging. It was helpful to use the breakout rooms too to work together. I really enjoyed this class. I would like to sign up for the Fall session."

Student, French: Beginner Level 2

Martha [de la Vega] was able to connect and inspire us. She opened us up a new world by introducing us to a variety of songs from Latin American countries. I loved this course!! Spread the word about how inspiring and enjoyable this class is! This class brought me inspiration, joy, and community during a time of isolation (pandemic). I am very grateful.

Laura M., Spanish Encounters through Music and Songs