World Languages

Whether you need to learn a new language for work, are planning a trip abroad, or want to improve your existing language skills, our language classes cover everything from basics to advanced topics.

World Languages at CCAE

With a friendly group setting and students from all backgrounds, our classes empower students to use languages confidently with plenty of opportunity for practice and participation.

We use the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) to guide our language programs. Language schools around the world use the CEFR to assess students and give direction to instructors. Learn more about our language levels.

What level is right for you?

Can't come to one of our personal assessment days? Visit for an online self-assessment and descriptions of the levels using the Common European Framework of Reference.

More questions? Contact program manager Francesca Ferraris at 617.547.6789 x 112 or to find what level is best for you.

Free Personal Assessment Days (Spanish, German, Italian, and French)

If you do not know your level, or would just like to know more about our classes, CCAE offers free personal assessment days for students to take a placement test and learn more about our language program.

French, German, Italian, Spanish Free Assessments:
Tuesday | December 14 | 6 - 8 pm
Tuesday | January 4 | 9 - 11 am
Wednesday | January 5 | 6 - 8 pm


"Neha [Coureil] is super nice and knowledgeable about the French language and France. She is demanding but not harsh at all. She brings fun things to class like songs and youtube videos about modern France to keep things interesting. We focused on useful phrases and vocabulary for anyone traveling to France which was exactly what I wanted. Loved it!"

Julie K., Se débrouiller en français: How to Get by in French and Travel Successfully to France

“A good variety of different ways of learning/practicing Spanish. Luz [Elena Zuluaga] was very good at tailoring activities to different skill levels without judgement. I have tried to learn Spanish as an adult a few times, but never stuck with it. This class has made me feel I will keep going this time. Thank you!”

Jessie W., Spanish Beginner Level 1

“Petra [Bittner] was organized, engaged, patient, and really funny! (Humor is very important during a pandemic!). I looked forward to class every week and enjoyed getting to know the other participants. We learned a lot and had a lot of laughs together! Ich habe viel Spass gehabt!”

Nancy B., German: Beginner Conversation

“After 8 weeks, I'm preparing to give a presentation about myself IN MANDARIN!!! This is an amazing accomplishment and, yes, I worked hard, but the teacher is inspirational and extremely supportive. I am looking forward to continuing Mandarin with her! I thoroughly enjoyed this class and I feel like I accomplished something significant. It was a wonderful experience.”

Cynthia K., Chinese: Beginner Level 1