Performing Arts

Our classes in music, dance, and theater are welcoming spaces for those just getting started or for practicing artists looking for concentrated study.

Performing Arts at CCAE

Our instructors are working practitioners and experienced artists who create supportive environments where students from all backgrounds will feel comfortable and encouraged to explore their creative side, build confidence, and participate in an artistic community.

Private Online Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons Music Class Student Teacher

We are offering private virtual piano lessons with instructor Joseph Miterko for students who are at a high beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Flexible scheduling. $60/hour. Please email if interested.

"Love the class—the people and the teacher. I learn so much every semester."

Martha S., Beginner Recorder

"On so many levels, I'm filled with gratitude for Dewayne [Nelson], his teachings, my colleagues, and the work itself."

Katie C., Storytelling as Performance Art

"I am inspired to continue at home. It's been a fabulous part of my life here in Cambridge."

Fiona L., Ballet

"Wonderful presentation and explanation of music covered—best class at CCAE."

Ted R., Classical Music Appreciation