Testimonials of Inspiration

Testimonials of Inspiration

For more than 150 years, CCAE has been a beacon for those who seek experiential, hands-on learning. Hundreds of students have found connection, fulfillment, and purpose in our community — and our classes, programs, and special events remain a testament to the power of education. Check out the testimonials below to hear firsthand from students, staff, and community members how CCAE inspires them.

Chat with Italian journalist and ESL student Maria Barresi. Learn about her work with the The Ryder Cup in Rome and her time at CCAE in various classes to perfect her English skills.

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Join us as we sit down in the courtyard for a talk with writing instructor Olga Katsovskiy. Learn about Olga's creative writing, journaling, and essay classes, plus what inspires her and her students.

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ESL instructor Steve Bloomberg speaks on the process of creating his own class materials and lesson plans.

Chris Brenne shows how he has turned his childhood interest in music into a lifelong career of performing and teaching.

Deb Federico values the pursuit of education through all phases of life, despite the odds.

Kaija Langley's latest publication, "The Order of Things," came to fruition with support from her Writing for Children and Young Adults course.

Natasha Naim studies Portuguese, Japanese, French, and other world languages in order to connect to those in need at the local food bank.