Cambridge Center for Adult Education

The Cambridge Center for Adult Education provides high-quality educational opportunities for the diverse adults of Greater Boston. Sign up today for a class in Cooking, Art, Music, ESL, French, Spanish, Wine & Spirits and so much more.  

New classes start every week from now through Summer. Click on the topics above to explore our offerings or view a pdf of the Summer Catalog below.

For more than a century, the Cambridge Center for Adult Education (CCAE) has provided an oasis of learning in the midst of the busy commercial hub Harvard Square. 

Every year, more than 8000 adults take classes here.  They are looking for knowledge offered in an affordable, social setting in a safe, non-competitive atmosphere. We offer:

  • Extraordinary dedicated, knowledgeable teachers
  • Experiential learning in small group classes
  • Affordable course fees ensuring that classes have a mix of individuals from all walks of life
  • A welcoming atmosphere that encourages connections, often shaping friendships that last a lifetime

Nestled in two historic buildings - the William Brattle House (1727) and the Blacksmith House (1808) - CCAE is steps away from the Harvard Square T station, bus lines, and parking garages.  We offer homey classrooms inside, and inviting public spaces outside. The Brattle House courtyard encourages casual meetings by students, visitors and locals, while the café tables and umbrellas outside the Blacksmith House offer a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of Harvard Square.

Sign up for a class today, you belong here! 



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A Valentine's Day message by Anita Hoffer

Despite what ageist messages from the media may tell us, the desire for, and the capacity to enjoy, sexual pleasure are with us from birth to death. Even though we may notice some changes in sexual drive or response (or both) after the age of 50, that does not mean we are losing our sexuality. Sex after 50 may feel different than it did when we were younger, but these changes are not necessarily for the worse and the challenges are not insurmountable. With education and a flexible attitude, healthy adults can continue to enjoy a physically and emotionally satisfying sex life well into their later years.

By Anita P. Hoffer, MS, PhD, EdD