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Private One-On-One Tutoring: How to Use Zoom (Online Session)

Marjorie Wein | Wize Guides

This pandemic has forced all of us to adopt new ways of communicating, learning, and working. Zoom, a telecommunicating application, has become very popular and has played a big role in most people's interactions. CCAE has also offered online classes through Zoom. If you want to learn how to set up a Zoom account, how to download the app to your device, or how to use Zoom functions, this private one-on-one tutoring is for you. We can customize the content for your personal needs and we offer flexible scheduling. The tutoring includes an over-the-phone session to help you get started downloading Zoom. Please contact us at to schedule your private tutoring.

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"Elizabeth [Cerda]'s willingness to answer questions and follow up on questions is exemplary. That's a mark of a great teacher."

Whit, Introduction to Mailchimp

"I'm no longer afraid of coding! Rob [Reed]'s patience was very encouraging."

Bree W., Intermediate Modern Web Design

"It was a great introduction to the subject and a way to discuss."

Rebecca K., NonProfit Accounting and Financial Reporting

"Very thorough and detailed! Great info and Jimmy [Becker] is very engaging. Great speaker."

Lola S., Spending, Saving, & Borrowing