CCAE in the Community

Cambridge Center for Adult Education is a community anchor that brings the principles of inclusion, community, and generosity to our neighborhood.

Giving Back

Centered in Harvard Square for 150+ years, CCAE provides a safe and welcoming space to learn, celebrate, create art, read poetry, and gather together to nurture talent and pursue personal growth. We are proud to be a community center where people engage in important conversations and civil discourse on the events of the day. And we are proud to have been able to offer our classes online during the pandemic, a practice we intend to incorporate into our curriculum.

CCAE is active in our partnership with other like-minded nonprofit organizations. We make our excellent classes available to those who might not otherwise be able to enjoy them.

Perkins School Pasta Class Selfie Cooking Class Cambridge

Perkins School for the Blind students in a pasta making class with Instructor Ploy Khunisorn

CCAE partners with local organizations, including:

Culinary Job Training Program students, who have had difficulties finding a traditional path to a job, sharpen their skills and promote their joy of cooking with international cooking classes at CCAE.

The mission of Cambridge Volunteer Clearinghouse (CVC) is to strengthen civic life in Cambridge by championing local volunteer opportunities and supporting an effective and inclusive volunteer corps.

Homeless or formerly homeless women in Cambridge build entrepreneurial skills in CCAE classes including “Build an Online Crafts Store with Etsy” or “How to Start A Housecleaning Business.”

Students from Perkins School for the Blind, preparing for college classes, build skills and enjoy the CCAE community as they take a variety of CCAE classes tailored especially for them--from cooking homemade pasta to iPhone Photography.

Parents of Prospect Hill Academy students take English as a Second Language classes to help them focus on communication skills and integrate into their greater community.

Women experiencing trauma, poverty, and homeless, supported by the Carolyn Connors Women's Center at the St. Francis House, take classes at CCAE to build entrepreneurial skills to help them thrive.

"The trainees raved about their class with Ploy yesterday - a first time tasting Thai food for many of them."

Allison Sequiera, Teaching Kitchen Program Manager for Community Servings Job Training Program