Whether you are an aspiring writer or want to simply learn about the world around you, these dynamic classes facilitate healthy discourse among curious minds.

Humanities at CCAE

Our humanities classes provide inclusive spaces for lively discussion with a welcoming community. Our experienced instructors provide space to think critically about ourselves and our world while nurturing creativity.

In addition to a wide range of classes, we also host regular reading discussions series to engage our students and the larger community.

Conversations On The Edge Classroom

Blacksmith House Poetry Series

Founded in 1973, the award-winning Blacksmith House Poetry Series brings established and emerging writers of poetry and fiction to Harvard Square. The series is sponsored by the Cambridge Center for Adult Education and holds readings at the Blacksmith House, site of the village smithy and spreading chestnut tree of Longfellow’s 1839 poem "The Village Blacksmith."

Readings will take place virtually on Zoom on Mondays at 7:15pm. Admission is $3. Please register in advance.

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“I really enjoyed learning about this topic, which I knew very little about. I also liked Brian [Bixby]’s approach and style - he’s clearly quite knowledgeable but presents in a way that is inclusive and encourages participation and understanding. I looked forward to all my Wednesdays in October because of this class! Thanks to Brian and CCAE for organizing it and making it available virtually.”

Sabrina, History of the Electoral College and Electing a President

"Best writing class I've taken here—the students have the voice. Kendall [Dudley] is a perfect guide, keeps us on track but open to our needs, desires."

Heidi L., Memories, Stories, and Reflections: An Ongoing Project in Life Story Writing

"Josh [Frank] stimulated discussion, graciously received responses from everyone, raised fascinating questions, listened with care, guided us with integrity. The readings were interesting and provocative. Classmates were respectful. Josh was very good about noticing classmates who wanted to speak and making sure that each of us had opportunities to do so. This can be challenging with Zoom, but he accomplished it."

Carolyn P., How to be Anti-Racist

"Packed with information and useful new points of view. Really helped me see the possibility of anti-racist action."

Lindsay, White People Challenging Racism

Conversations on the Edge

CCAE has a long history as a place for learning and critical discussions with the community. We continue that tradition through Conversations on the Edge, which addresses timely issues with panelists and members of the community who are experts in their field. All events are open to the public.

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White People Challenging Racism: 20th Anniversary Symposium

Read about what we learned at our anniversary symposium celebrating 20 years of White People Challenging Racism here.

White People Challenging Racism