Individual and Corporate Donors

Thank you to our generous Individual Donors and Corporate Sponsors!

Annual Fund

With a gift to CCAE’s Annual Fund, you can help us advance our mission to provide affordable, experiential adult learning in its two historic homes on Brattle Street.

Supporting a wide range of operational needs, the Annual Fund enables us to offer new classes, hire accomplished instructors, offer classes online, and establish innovative events and programs, and allows us to offer free classes to fellow non-profits in our neighborhood.

Individual Donors: August 1, 2021 - July 31, 2022


David and Sharman Altshuler
Elizabeth D. Coxe and David Forney
Christian Nolen and Susan Denny
Amy and Jonathan H. Poorvu
Lia and William Poorvu
Jean M. and W. Mason Smith, III

$2,500 - $9,999

Robert W. and Meg Ackerman
Sarah Baker and Tim Albright
Bruce Bauman and Denise Selden
Richard Beaty
Phil and Hilary Burling
Ruth G. Erickson and Paul Goularte
Peter and JaneAnn Fisher
Louise M. and Laurens Goff
John Herron, Jr. and Julia L. Moore
Jane I. Katims and Daniel Perlman
Mopsy Kennedy
Gail B. Mazur
Michael Millner and Jill Forney
Kyra Montagu
Suzanne P. Ogden
Carol A. Pechet
Nan and George Soule
Patricia L. and David A. Straus

$1,000 - $2,499

Anonymous (2)
Jeannette and Charles Atkinson
Donald A. and Alpine Bird
Linda Gitlin Burton
Brian P. Carey and Erin M. Graves
Diane Carson and Kevin Treanor
William T. Colgan
Philip W. Crutchfield III
Robert Deibel
Helen W. Donovan and Holly G. Nixholm
Molly Downer and Michael Fix
Mary Ella Feinleib
Mark and Maria Forney
Jacqueline Gates
Michael and Susan Goldman
S. Donald and Dorothy Gonson
Garth and Lindsay Greimann
Anne Hawley and Urs Gauchat
Ellen and Stephen Hoffman
Lauren S. Holleran and Katherine N. Salter
Patricia and John Jacoby
Martin and Marci Karplus
Nan Laird and Joel Altstein
David Lehman and Bettina T. Bentley
Jenny Littlefield
Louis Foundation
Susan Eldredge Mead
Diana Meservey
Albert and Judie Muggia
Gwendolen G. Noyes and Arthur Klipfel
William M. and LuAnn S. Polk
Frances G. and Harold I. Pratt
Andrew Senchak and Barbara Case
Tim and Martha Shaw
Mark Stanek
Robert B. Straus
Iana Strominger
Edith V Sweeney
Bina Thompson
Richard and Myra Von Turkovich
Ellen Westheimer
Nikki J. Zapol

Up to $999

Anonymous (14)
Nathalie Adda
Polly Allen
Janet and Godfrey Amphlett
Betty Athanasoulas
Jane and John Attanucci
Stephen Batzell
Jonathan and Barbara Beckwith
Jean M. Bellow
Annette Benedetto
Chris Bettis
Nonie Brady and Wilhelm Merck
Penelope Bragonier and Franklin Mead
Anne and Cameron Brandt
Louise Bray
Charles Burlingham, Jr.
Susan H. Bush
Kirsten Marie Butler
Joelle Cabot
Louise Cadwell
Gretchen Cahaly
Janet Cahaly
Dan Calano and Kate Thompson Daniel Capobianco
Iris S. Chandler
Patricia P. Chappell
Susan Chasen
ShiSheng Chow
Ruth Clark
Francis Creedon
Warren Croce
Barbara and Richard Currier
Toni Czekanski
Susan P. Davies and Richard W. Talkov Charles Dietrick
Joan and Bruce Ditzion
Wylie Doughty
David Dryer
Kendall Dudley
Suzanne Dworsky
Suzanne R. Dworsky
Bob Edwards
Dan Elias and Karen Keane
Martin Elvis
Francesca Ferraris
Robert P. Fichter
Carol L Fishman
Will Forney and Johanna Todenhagen Donald and Marjorie Forte
Marcia Fredlich
Deborah Gallagher and Peter Traversy
Elizabeth Gianakos and Geoff Poister Walter and Celia Gilbert
Pam and Don Giller
Julia Gilman
Elizabeth and John Gilmore
Patricia Gold
Nancy Goodale
Freida Grayzel
Harpreet Grewal and Sharon French Branden and Erica Gunn
Sarah J. Harder
Donna Harris
Sarah Harrison
Suzanne Hart
Harold Helson
Sarah Hill
Jon and Dawn Hoffman
Vanessa Hogan
Catherine B. and Keith L. Hughes Robert S. Hurlbut, Jr.
Perrin Ireland
Teresa Jacobson
Mike Jenks
Donald Kalischer
Courtney Keller
Brian Kelley
Sharon Kennedy
Kaitlin Kenny
Alex Keyssar
Linda Almgren and Milford B. Kime Robert L. Kleinberg
Joy Kolin
Frank Kramer and Joan Sulis-Kramer Judy Ann Kramer and Mark R. Wagner Laura Kreutzer
Tesair Lauve and John M. Grady Tim Liardet
Carolyn Libby
Stephen Locke
Carol Lorente
Dan Malone
Chris and Carolynn Maltas
Ed Mank
Dan Marshall
Thomas J. and Jane N. Martin
Lalita Matta
Catherine Matthews
Daniel Mazur
Patricia Mazza
Steven and Linda McFadyen-Ketchum Peter and Hilary McGhee
Betsy and David Corrsin McIntyre Mark McKinnon
John A. McMullen
Susan Meehan
Leslie Meyer-Leon
Francesca C. Mihok
David and Nancy Miller
Lindsay Miller and Peter Ambler Elizabeth Molodovsky
David Montenegro
Margot Moomaw
John J. and Carol C. Moriarty
Jean and David Nathan
Mary Norcross
Emilie Norris
Eleni and Amedeo Odoni
John O'Donnell
Drs. Jacqueline Olds and Richard Schwartz Carolyn and Robert Osteen
Shippen Page
Dan and Vicki Paret
Alfred E. Pearson
Barbara Petery
Lidija Polutnik
Mary and Brad Power
Judith Prager and John O'Brien
Adele Pressman
David A. Rooks and Mark Donald Philibert Rachel Rosenbaum
Lawrence Rosenberg
Laurie Rothstein
Roberta L. Rubin and Don Abrams Margery and Jim Sabin
Barbara Norr and Malcolm S. Salter
Linda U. Sanger
Evelyn Schichner
Paul and Christine Shapleigh Schmid D. and Jessica Sculley
Maureen T Shea
Harvey Silverglate
Rivka Simmons and Jeff Meyerhoff
Beverly S. Simon
Yuk Small
Julie Smith
Rhonda Smith
Peter and Roslyn Sommer
Phyllis Sonnenschein
Donald and Janet Spearance
Antony A. and Ellen A. Stark
Patricia Steuert
Ann Sullivan
Charles M. Sullivan and Susan Maycock Kate Sumney Frank
Ryan and Melissa Swenson
Mary and James Tracy
Todd Truesdale
Miriam K. Truslow
Michael A. Tucci CPA
Renata Von Tscharner and Peter Munkenbeck
Kristen Wainwright and Richard Harriman Feicheng Wang
Charles H. and Louise E. Weed
Roz Weir
Susan Siris Wexler
James L. Winston
Katharine M. Wolff
Wendy Woodfield
J. Travis and John D.W. Woolcott
Jessica and Christopher Wright
Felice and Henry Yager
Richard and Carol Yates
Elizabeth Goodfellow Zagoroff

Corporate Sponsors

Grant Partners

The Ponsold-Motherwell Charitable Trust

Amelia Peabody Charitable Fund