Class Supply List

COLW - Collage Workshop - Sean Dunstan-Halliday

  • Bristol pad 18” x 24”
  • Two pieces of chipboard or other thin cardboard any size
  • Golden acrylic gel medium matte
  • A brush for applying adhesive (watercolor brushes are best)
  • Colored pencils in a range of colors
  • Scissors
  • Mat knife or X-acto blade
  • Cutting mat if the students plan on using the mat knife a lot
  • A range of pens either ballpoint, felt tip micron or other (student’s choice)
  • General collage materials (Magazines, other periodicals, graph paper, maps, or any other collage materials the student are interested in)
  • The instructor will also bring in different collage materials each class for demonstration and for the students to use.