Class Supply List

DRPT - The Figure: Drawing with Paint - Jeremy Durling


• Willow charcoal (I find Winsor & Newton brand works best)

• 2 sticks of quality compressed charcoal


• 1 pad of newsprint ( I prefer rough or medium)

• 1 pad of quality drawing or sketch paper (OPTIONAL)


• 2 brushes no smaller than a #8

• 2 brushes larger than a #8

*Choose brushes of a shape that you are most comfortable with. I personally primarily use two 1" flat brushes and rounds and filberts of a variety of sizes.


• 1 large tube white

• 1 tube Winsor Newton Blue Black or Williamsburg Cold Black

• 1 tube Yellow ochre (preferably Williamsburg)

• 1 tube Indian Red

• One cool red (ex. alizarin crimson or quinacridone)

• One warm red (ex. cadmium or vermillion)

• Cadmium yellow

• One cool yellow (ex. lemon yellow)

• One warm and one cool blue (I use cobalt and blue black, but you may prefer cerulean and ultramarine)


• Palette of your choosing

• Linseed or Walnut oil

*If you choose to paint with solvents it can only be Gamsol in small quantities and must be in an airtight resealable container.

• 1 View catcher- a gray plastic viewfinder you can find at most art stores

• Palette knife

*A dropped handle palette knife that you are comfortable mixing as well as applying color with.

This is a basic list of materials which may be slightly expanded as the class progresses.