Class Supply List

HTSS - Hand Tool Woodworking: Build a Shaker Step Stool - Dan Paret

  • You will need one piece of 1” x 8” x 8’ select pine and one piece of 1” x 3” x 8’ select pine. You will also need paint or some other finish- we’ll discuss options in class.
  • The best wood for this project is select eastern white pine. I usually get mine at Gurney’s Sawmill in Freetown, but that is a bit of a hike. You can also get select eastern white pine at Arlington Coal and Lumber and sometimes Home Depot and Lowes. At Lowes you will find a good selection of radiata pine and poplar- either of these will make a decent substitute.
  • If you need to cut your wood to transport it, cut it in half so you have two 4 feet long pieces.
  • 1x8 lumber will actually be ¾” thick by 7 ¼” wide
  • 1x3 lumber will actually be ¾” thick by 2 ½” wide

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