Class Supply List

IMPP - Improvisational Printmaking - Kelly Slater


1. Two or three small or medium-sized plastic plates—such as Duralar or Akua (available at artist and
craftsman) or the thinner plexi plates available for purchase at the Cambridge Center for Adult
Education. (Just as an example, a three-pack of 6” x 8” Duralar plates sells for about $6.50 at artist and

2. Three small tubes of watercolors. I recommend buying one each of the three primary colors.
Examples of good triads include Prussian blue, alizarin crimson and gamboge yellow; and cobalt blue,
lemon yellow (or hansa yellow light) and quinadicrone magenta. If you would like watercolors to be
highly pigmented and archival (“permanent”), purchase artist quality tubes.

3. Both conventional printmaking papers (such as BFK Rives, BFK light weight, magnani pescia,
Stonehenge or Canson Edition) and Asian papers (such as kozo blend, kozo blend light, kitakata, masa).
These can be purchased at CCAE or at Artist and Craftsman. Expect to use at least one large-sized sheet
(such as a full sheet of BFK Rives or masa) or a couple smaller sheets of paper per class.
4. A few water-soluble artists crayons (e.g., Caran d’Ache Neocolor II, Marabu) in colors of your choice.

Non Essential but Desirable Items:

1. One sheet of Yupo.
2. One sheet of matte drafting film (such as duralar or mylar).
3. Pieces of old matte board.
4. Any thin flat objects with interesting textures—leaves, lace, old aluminum foil, textured papers, etc.
5. Smooth, non-porous materials such as label sheet backings, freezer wrap, butcher wrap, and the like.
6. Any mark-making objects--such as erasers, dried up magic markers, chopsticks, combs, plastic forks,
etc.—that might be used for removing or adding ink.
7. Pieces of soft cloth, such as old t-shirts or other soft fabric destined for recycling.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have your own water cleanup printmaking inks, please feel free to
bring them to classes two and three. Otherwise, you will be able to use the shared supply of
Akua and Daniel Smith inks. Also, both plates and Asian and BFK Rives paper can be
purchased at CCAE.

To receive a 10% discount at Artists and Craftsman, mention that you are taking this printmaking class!