Class Supply List

PLFP - Painting From Life: The Figure & The Portrait (Studio School) - Jeremy Durling

The following is a paired down list of essential colors to have at the beginning of the course. This is a neutral primary palette and will be our palette for the first exercises. 40ml tubes of:

• Yellow ochre

• Raw Umber (or a neutral red such as Venetian or Indian)

• Blue Black (a color made by Winsor Newton and Williamsburg, it can also be made by combining equal parts

• Ivory Black and Ultramarine blue)

• One large tube of Titanium White

As we progress you will need to acquire this expanded palette with one warm and one cool of each primary color:

• Cadmium or Permanent Yellow

• 1 cool yellow (lemon)

• Cadmium Red or Vermillion Red from Sennnelier

• 1 cool red (alizarin crimson)

• Cobalt blue or cerulean blue

• Ultramarine Blue

You will also need the following materials:

• 1 wooden or disposable palette (freezer paper works well)

• 1 12 by 18 pad of Arches oil paper (or prepared surfaces of a comparable size that you would like to work on.)

• 1 roll of masking tape

• Paper towels or painting rags

• 1 small sealable container for painting medium

• painting medium: this can be either walnut oil or a 50/50 combination of linseed oil and Gamsol

• at least 1 good quality drop-handled palette knife

• A variety of brushes: at least 2 #8 or larger, and at least 2 smaller than an 8. Paint brushes are highly personal and a variety will be discussed on the first day as well as their various attributes.

• 1 plastic viewfinder called a Viewcatcher

*A word about solvents: It is not required that you paint with solvents, but if you choose to Gamsol is the only solvent that can be safely used in our painting room. We do have excellent ventilation, but we must still be careful to minimize the potentially harmful effects of vapors. We will discuss this at length on our first day.