Class Supply List

WATA - Watercolor: Advanced - Bryan Ramey

Watercolor Pad or Paper: Arches Watercolor Block 300gsm (hot or cold press) 20 sheet

Paints: I use Windsor newton or Grubacher. I choose to use the Windsor & Newton Sketcher's Pocket Box set. It can be found at Blick for roughly $20

If you would like to purchase tubes of individual paints the colors required are:

• Permanent Alizarin Crimson

• French Ultramarine

• Cadmium Yellow

• Sap Green

• Viridian

• Cerulean Blue

• Burnt Sienna

• Raw Umber

If you don't use the pocket set you will need a pallet or trays such as the Blick Covered Palette.

Brushes: The pocket set comes with a small multi use brush. in addition you might consider a Round #1, #4, #10, a filbert #5, a Flat #3, #8, and possibly mop.