English Classes for All Levels

Cambridge Center for Adult Education has a welcoming English Language Learning program where students study in a supportive environment. All are welcome - no matter your background! No visa required.

We offer English classes at all levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. You can work on your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills all at once in our Integrated Skills Classes. If you would like to focus on writing, public speaking, pronunciation, conversation or presentation, we offer many classes that concentrate on one particular skill. Our TOEFL classes prepare students who plan to take the exam.

Watch our video and discover what you will learn at each level:


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Spring 2019 Schedule

If you are new to CCAE, we have several ways for you to decide which is the right level for you:

Join us for Free Personal Assessment Days:

Tuesday, March 26, 6 - 8 pm

Wednesday, March 27, 10 am - 12 pm

If you do not know your level, or would just like to know more about our classes, stop by 42 Brattle Street or email languages@ccae.org.

Location: 42 Brattle St. Cambridge, MA

Scholarships: We offer financial assistance - more information here.

Contact: Francesca Ferraris at 617.547.6789 x 112 and languages@ccae.org to find what level is best for you.

CCAE uses the Common European Framework to guide our ESL program. Language schools around the world use the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) to assess students and give direction to instructors.

Look at CEFR levels here


A1: Beginner levels 1 & 2 Basic English
Beginner Level 1
Beginner Level 2 
Intensive Beginner Levels 1 & 2
A2: Beginner levels 3 & 4 Beginner Level 3
Beginner Level 4
Conversation for Beginners
Writing for Beginners
Beginner Listening and Pronunciation
Intensive Beginner Levels 3 & 4
Basic Intermediate
B1: Intermediate levels 1 & 2 Intermediate Level 1
Intermediate Level 2
Intermediate Conversation
Intermediate Writing
Pronunciation Practice
Intensive Intermediate Levels 1 & 2
Public Speaking and Presentation
Speak, Discuss, Debate 
English for the Hospitality Industry
Speech and Discussion Workshop
Basic Intermediate
B2: Intermediate levels 3 & 4 Intermediate Level 3
Intermediate Level 4
Intermediate Conversation 
Intermediate Writing, Pronunciation Practice
Intensive Intermediate Levels 3 & 4
Public Speaking and Presentation
Speak, Discuss, Debate
Accent Improvement Workshop
Speech and Discussion Workshop
Read & Write & Speak: A Holistic Approach to ESL
C1-C2: Advanced Advanced Writing, American Short Stories
Preparation for the TOEFL
Intensive Preparation for the TOEFL
Advanced Pronunciation
Read, Discuss, Debate!
Accent Improvement Workshop 
Reading and Understanding Humor 
Speech and Presentation




























Summer Fun at CCAE!

This summer, we offered 3 cycles of courses that meet multiple times a week to immerse students in English, and allow students to advance through different levels and subjects. Each class included our Boston Signature Dishes Cooking class with Ploy Khunisorn. We talked about the multi-cultural history of New England cuisine, enjoyed a delicious meal and had fun practicing English.