Bahareh Safarani

Bahareh Safarani. (Persian: بهاره صفارانی; born 1990) is an Iranian visual artist who lives in Massachusetts. Known primarily for her innovative video-painting and video-performance arts. As an interdisciplinary artist her creative practice exists at the intersection of visual art, new media, and performance. After moving to Boston, Massachusetts, and securing her graduate degree in studio art (MFA, Northeastern University, 2016), she began to incorporate video projections onto her paintings. Her works, charting a path from their signature “video-paintings”—video overlays of choreographed movement projected onto figurative oil-on-canvas paintings—to new pieces that reflect the fluidity of her outlook. She has held numerous national and international exhibitions and performances. Her works have been collected by The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Morris Museum in New Jersey and Akron Art Museum in Ohio.

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