Cho Li

Cho Li, a Hong Kong-born Chinese American electrical engineer, shares his passions (Tai Chi and food) with the community at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education. Cho gained his food expertise by working for many years in Chinese restaurants during his early immigrant years. Cho cooks from A to Z and knows the Boston and NYC Chinatown food scenes well. He is very proud of his knife and preparation skills, which he considers a must for a good cook.

Cho has taught Tai Chi at CCAE for many years. He has studied Yang style Tai Chi Chuan (passed down from Grand Master Hsiung Yang Ho, and under Tai-Chun Pan, who co-founded the Tai Chi class at CCAE in the 1970s) for over 10 years. Cho is one of the Tai-Chun's senior students. He speaks fluent English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.

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