Christina Horner

Christina identifies as a Black cis-gender woman. She grew up in Roxbury and Dorchester and always felt proud of her tight knit neighborhood. This sense of belonging was echoed at her racially, ethnically, and linguistically diverse public school, Massachusetts Experimental School System (M.E.S.S). After three successful years, this educational utopia was shattered by a lack of funding and the infamous forced busing crisis. Afterwards, Christina began her trajectory as student, educator, administrator, volunteer, parent, a former 10-year town director of METCO, the nation's largest voluntary school desegregation program, and currently a School Committee member in Wellesley. These experiences positioned her to grasp the realities of racial inequities in education and the lasting impact on society. As an equity strategist, she trains and coaches with the goal of creating equitable and inclusive schools and communities. Christina holds a B.A. in business (Boston College) and an M.Ed. in education (Lesley University).

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