Colin Stokes

Colin is a White cisgender man who was educated and began his professional life in elite white spaces that were built to reinforce the presumption of white supremacy. From Harvard to the theater, then from the non-profit education sector to the TEDx public speaking community, Colin has been successful with the help of a playing field rigged to advantage White men. Since 2015, he has been led to incorporate a gender and racial justice perspective into increasing aspects of his life. In 2018, following a LeadBoston fellowship with YW Boston, he joined the staff of METCO, Inc., the voluntary school desegregation program founded by a multi-racial coalition of activists in 1966. He also began co-facilitating White People Challenging Racism workshops. In pursuit of action plan goals developed in the workshop, he helps to organize Courageous Conversations (All Saints Parish) and edits Breakthrough Brookline (Coalition to Eliminate Racism in Brookline).

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