Daniel Fitzgerald

Professional Craps Dealer

As former Chairman of the Massachusetts State Boxing Commission, Dan Fitzgerald has involved himself in sports and games his entire life. He wrote the bill to regulate Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in Massachusetts and hopes to chair a new commission that would combine gaming, horse racing, wrestling, MMA, and boxing, under one commission. He has a teaching background in mathematics and is looking to publish his first book outlining the basic rules of sports and games preliminarily titled, "So Your New Friend is a Jock and You Don't Know Jack." Dan has judged world, international, and national championship boxing title fights, and he has refereed, coached, and/or played at the highest of levels of baseball, football, basketball, golf, ping-pong, bridge, backgammon, poker, cribbage, blackjack, and craps. When it comes to sports and games, Dan has done it all.

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