Elliot Savitzky

Elliot was previously an instructor for the Boston Center for Adult Education, where he shared his love of teaching Asian cooking. Focused on Chinese cooking, he taught "Dim Sum and Then Some," teaching small plate apps and desserts. Additionally, he taught 5 course dinners, soups, and even hand-pulled noodles. Elliot gained his love of Chinese cuisine while learning from Chinese chefs and has been practicing the art for over 30 years. He also taught classes in Pho, Ramen, Korean Fried Chicken, Nepalese trekking food and Deep Dish Pizza.

Another passion is exploring neighborhoods and cultures. This led to the creation of two tours in Boston: Tour of Chinatown, where he retells its history through architecture and food, and the Historical and Pizza Tour of the North End, tracing its history from the 17th century to the modern day, stopping in to three of his favorite pizza spots.

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