Evelyn Schichner

Evelyn's culinary journey began early in life, sparked by a deep-seated interest in baking and cooking. Raised in a military family, she was exposed to diverse cultures and cuisines, laying the foundation for her culinary exploration. However, it was her introduction to Julia Child on PBS that ignited her passion for French cooking. Inspired by Julia's authentic recipes and infectious joy in the kitchen, Evelyn adopted a similar approach, emphasizing enjoyment and creativity in her culinary pursuits.

Several decades ago, Evelyn took her fascination with French cuisine to the next level by attending a week-long cooking school in Arles. This immersive experience was so enriching that she subsequently embarked on another week-long class in Paris, where she delved into the intricacies of classic French cooking. Today, she continues to frequent both Paris and the Provence region, eagerly absorbing new techniques and recipes with each visit, expanding her culinary repertoire.

Armed with a wealth of knowledge and a growing library of recipes, Evelyn has adeptly adapted French cooking methods to the American kitchen. Now, she is enthusiastic about sharing her expertise with others, eager to pass on her passion for French cuisine and empower aspiring cooks to explore the delights of French cooking in their own homes.

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