Jane Appleyard Allen

Jane Appleyard Allen believes that an effective movement for racial justice must include a large and active population of white people, like herself, working as allies within their spheres of influence, with and accountable to people of color. Jane has been co-facilitating WPCR and building a network of local WPCR alumni in her mostly white, suburban hometown of Melrose, MA, since fall of 2015. The alumni network meets monthly to support one another, hold one another accountable in our work, and to develop and implement group action plans. Jane collaborates with the Black Employee Resource Group at her workplace, RTI International, a nonprofit dedicated to improving the human condition, to provide racial justice workshops for allies. Through her work as a Senior Research Public Health Analyst working in cannabis and tobacco, Jane has had the opportunity to contribute to the scientific literature on health disparities, equity in cannabis policy, and the differential effectiveness of public health mass media campaigns for populations of color.

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