Jhilam Sanyal

Jhilam Sanyal was born in India and enrolled in her first art class at age 3 where her natural talent was first noted by her instructor. Jhilam engaged in drawing and painting throughout her life and in 2012, focused her work on abstract painting and design. Jhilam paints intuitively and is known for vibrant abstract paintings in acrylic, ink and watercolor that are unapologetic ally bold and reflect an inner sense of curiosity, playfulness and an astute ability to create soothing artwork with seemingly chaotic components. Jhilam also creates nature-influenced collages and designs book covers. Jhilam frequently travels and is influenced by the colors, sounds, sights and interactions with those she meets in the journey. As a tribute to her Indian heritage and her very first art teacher, all of the titles of Jhilam's work are in her native language of Bengali.

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