Joe Casciani

Dr. Joe Casciani has a 35-year history in aging as a psychologist and manager of mental health practices. He was awarded the first contracts from the California Department of Aging in 1982 to develop mental health training for the state’s nursing homes. For 16 years, he was the clinical lead for a multi-state group practice for patients in nursing homes. He later ran his own company, Concept Healthcare, for 8 years in two states, with the same goals.

In 2018, he extended his professional interest in aging to his new venture, the Living to 100 Club. The website, www.Livingto100.Club, offers a collection of strategies and resources on successful aging, and his weekly podcasts on aging and longevity continue in this tradition with guests who share their professional insights about aging well and making the most of our senior years. He is now a clinical consultant, public speaker, and offers one-on-one counseling and coaching with older adults.

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