Marie-Louise Friedland

Marie-Louise is a Sommelier and Graduate Student at Boston University for Gastronomy. She has extensive restaurant experience, working almost every position in a restaurant but specializing in wine and beverage service. Before the wine bug got her, Marie-Louise was a cheesemonger and it was the pairing possibilities for cheese ultimately drove her to pursue her wine education. She gained this real-world education by working in Michelin-starred restaurants, and the equivalent of, in San Francisco, Paris, Austin, Houston, and Somerville. Ultimately, she wanted to continue to supplement her working experience with an academic education by pursuing a master’s degree at Boston University within the Gastronomy department of the Metropolitan College. Her focus of study is progressing the wine industry to be a safer, more informed, and inclusive industry through education. When she is not studying, she is working behind the bar of Rebel Rebel, a natural wine bar in Somerville.

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