Steven David Bloomberg

Steve’s teaching style and method is at the forefront of English language teaching. His savvy and intuitive in-class presentations will provide you with more of what you want and require to improve your fluency and communication skills.

Steve provides communication skills programs for business and professional purposes in the Boston area and online.

“We must have a way to say just what it is we want to say in just the right way.”
“Place your personal attitude towards what you are saying onto the words themselves.”
"Everything you say has an underlying message that is not part of the words themselves. Are you communicating that message when you speak?"
“We build communication strength by focusing on finer and more subtle communication points, improving message content, communicating confidence, developing nonverbal communication skills, and getting to the point.”

Steve can answer all your questions - from how to improve your communication for meetings and presentations to grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary usage.

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