Xóchi Kountz

Xóchitl (Xóchi – pronounced SO-chee) is a mental health counselor in private practice. She's also a cis LGBTQ white woman. She began to recognize white privilege and racism while taking a course in Identity Development. Her graduate research on privilege and oppression in relation to sexual trauma survivors led her to recognize her own white privilege and participation in systemic racism and oppression of people of color. She took the White People Challenging Racism course in 2000 with Jennifer Yanco as the facilitator. As her action plan, she set up a monthly meeting with several other white people in order to discuss how white privilege and systemic racism affect their daily lives. She spent many years working in conjunction with the Department of Mental Health, doing home-based family therapy with children with mental illnesses and their families. She lives north of Boston and loves to make food, make art, and take silly pictures of her dog. Xóchi also manages the WPCR website.

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