Class Supply List

SLKS - Introduction to Screenprinting - Natalia Slattery


Note: While using these materials will be the easiest way to follow along with the instructor, please feel free to ask about substitutions or less expensive options.

- Screen Printing Kit, Speedball Deluxe Intermediate kit has most of what you will need. You can also buy these materials separately, but I have found the kit to be the most cost effective.

- Newsprint (18x24 inch pad)

- White Printmaking paper, 10-15 sheets (Bristol Board Smooth is great, but screen printing is versatile and any heavy drawing paper will work fine)

- One sheet of cardstock

- 2 sheets black construction paper

- Drawing tools (pens, pencils, etc)

- Duct Tape

- Xacto Knife

- Cutting mat or cardboard to protect table

- Ruler

- Palette for mixing inks (a few paper plates is fine)

- Palette knife and small selection of brushes

- Rags for cleanup

- Soft bristle scrub brush

DIY Exposure Unit

- Large cardboard box (large enough to cover your screen)

- Photoflood Bulb

- Tin pie tray (not needed if your light socket has a reflector)

- Clamp Light Socket (for fire safety, ensure it is rated for a 250W bulb)

- Piece of glass that fits inside your screen (glass from a picture frame works great)