Spotlight On: Bryan Ramey, Visual Arts & Crafts; Lifestyle & Recreation Program Director

May 2, 2022

Bryans Headshot Stories

What drew you to apply for this position?

I have always wanted to expand my career in the arts and my time at CCAE as a teacher has grown my love for the program. When the position became available I jumped at the opportunity to become a guiding hand for a program that I care so much about.

You taught for seven years at CCAE, how does your experience as an instructor enhance your performance as a Program Director?

It gives me a clear understanding of what the needs of the teachers are as a whole as well as a deeper understanding of how to help them grow the program. A dual point of view so to speak.

What excites you about working at CCAE?

The opportunity to really have an impact on the growth and expansion of our student’s artistic journeys. In a way, to help foster greater exploration for individuals and see their creative interests flourish.

What are some of the ideas that you wish to make happen for the visual arts and crafts department?

There are a few, but I would say my top two are to expand the program to new and currently absent artistic mediums and create dynamic crossover classes with other departments that create a deeper appreciation of art and craft in daily life.

As an artist what inspires you and why?

As a person I have an incredibly hyper imagination. The term daydreaming was not just a way to pass boredom when I was growing up. To this day dreams and the imagery created in them has always intrigued me. That and people, I find people incredibly interesting and I’d say a large part of my work incorporates people, figures or anatomy in a kaleidoscope of surreal happenings.