Drink Maps in Victorian Britain - Map History and Beer Tasting *In-Person*

Take a journey through drunken Victorian Britain told through maps made to convince law makers to turn off the flow of alcohol. A “drink map” may sound like a pub guide, yet it refers to a type of map designed to promote sobriety by shocking and shaming people into drinking less. Did these lovely temperance tools inspire zealous anger - or did they just make people thirsty? Admire many beautiful examples while tasting beers that inspired their creation. The instructor’s book, Drink Maps in Victorian England, will be available for purchase with a discount on the day of this course. (Book not required) Instructor: Kris Butler



Start Date

August 18, 2024









Sunday, 2-4pm. Aug. 18. The cost of tuition includes all beverage materials and fees.

This class will meet in-person at CCAE. Please view our In-Person Class Guidelines prior to enrolling.

Instructors: Kris Butler


Kris Butler

Kris Butler is the author of Drink Maps in Victorian Britain (Bodleian Library Publishing) about anti-drinking groups who made beautiful maps with the aim of convincing people to drink less. She is a lawyer, an exam-certified beer judge, past president of the Boston Wort Processors (a homebrew club) and the Boston Map Society, and is currently on the board of the Washington Map Society. She is an award-winning homebrewer and has judged beer competitions in the U.S. and Italy. In the field of maps, she has presented her research relating to the history of cartography in 10 countries. In spite of her love of maps, she has no sense of direction, especially after indulging in her love of beer.
Instagram: @krisbutler6 and @DrinkMapBook