Bûche De Noël *In-Person* *NEW*

A Yule Log, or Bûche de Noël, was invented by a French pastry chef in the late 1800s. It is a tradition dating from pre-Christian times to honor the God Thor and to celebrate the Winter Solstice with the building of a bonfire. The story goes that as Christmas came to replace the Winter Solstice celebrations, France carried on the tradition of a yule log by cutting down a tree each year and then placing it in the fireplace so the heat from the log could be used to prepare the Christmas Eve midnight supper. The ashes from this yule log were believed to hold magical and medicinal powers that would ward off the evil spirits in the coming year. The tradition of substituting a real yule log with an edible yule log (Bûche de Noël) likely started when homes were built without fireplaces so they could not burn a real yule log. This class will focus on techniques and assembly of your very own yule log. We will make a traditional sponge cake, chocolate cream filling, a rich chocolate frosting, and hand-made marzipan decorations. In addition to the basic recipes used in this class we’ve added additional ones so that you can create an even more elaborate yule log at home by decorating with sugared cranberries and meringue mushrooms. Instructor: Evelyn Schichner



Start Date

December 17, 2022









Saturday, 1-4pm. Dec. 17. The cost of tuition includes all food materials and fees.

This class will meet in-person at CCAE with a limited student capacity. Please note that COVID-19 proof of vaccination is required. Please view our In-Person Class Guidelines prior to enrolling.

Instructors: Evelyn Schichner


Evelyn Schichner

Evelyn has been interested in baking and cooking all of her life. Growing up in a military family she was exposed to many cultures and cuisines. However, it was first watching Julia Child on PBS that cemented her love of French cooking. Julia not only offered authentic French recipes but she showed how you could have fun the kitchen - something Evelyn practices to this day! A few decades ago Evelyn decided to take her love of French cooking a step further by attending a week-long cooking school in Arles. That experience was so rewarding she attended a week-long class in Paris where she was introduced to classic French cooking. Now she goes to both Paris and the Provence region to take classes. Her knowledge and her library of recipes are continually expanding with each trip. She has been able to adapt the recipes and learned techniques to the American kitchen and is eager to pass on her knowledge to students of the CCAE - while having fun - OF COURSE!