Berta Golahny Awards

Recent Works on display this fall!

Recent Works - Fall 2021 Virtual Exhibition

This show features mostly two-dimensional work—painting, drawing, photography, prints, collage and mixed media—created by CCAE students within the past year. All works will also be considered for the Berta Golahny Student Award, which includes a $100 cash prize given to 3 CCAE visual arts students.

All works are on display in-person at CCAE, as well as via the virtual exhibition below, from September 9 - December 2.

Artists in the exhibition include: Kristen Callahan, Hannah Cascio, Susan Chasen, Ruth Clark, Elizabeth Coxe, Darcey Crandall, Kelley Donnelly, Serena Entezary, Yuka Goto, Kristin Griffin, denise heintze, Kathleen Hirsch, Catherine Hughes, Robin Kronick, Amy Macdonald, Chris Maltas, Rachel Martone, Diana Meservey, Kristen Murphy, Craig O'Neill, Hyeshin Park, Allison Taylor, Laurence Theroux, Lyrsa Maria Torres-Velez, Sunia Trauger, Canan Usuloglu, and Miranda Vitello.

Halloween 2020


Kristen Murphy

Watercolor on Paper

12" x 9"


Self Portrait

Park self portrait

Hyeshin Park

Oil on Linen

16" x 20"



Trauger tulips

Sunia Trauger

Oil on Canvas

16" x 20"


Pier off Rocky Neck

Chasen pier off rocky neck

Susan Chasen

Oil on Masonite

11" x 14"


The Rooftop View

Goto rooftop view

Yuka Goto

Oil on Canvas

18" x 24"


Moody Broccoli

Cascio moodybroccoli

Hannah Cascio

Watercolor, Ink on Paper

7.25" x 11"


Ensemble 1

Heintze ensemble 1

denise heintze

Acrylic on Canvas

10" x 8"


Nova Pose

Callahannova pose

Kristen Callahan


5" x 7"




Rachel Martone

Linocut Print

11" x 17"


Flea Market Find

Usuloglu fleamarketfind jpeg

Canan Usuloglu


8" x 8"


Bare, Ruined Choirs

Hirschbare ruined choirs jpeg

Kathleen Hirsch


17" x 14"


Old Soul

Theroux old soul

Laurence Theroux

Graphite Pencils on Drawing Paper

7" x 6"


Still Life with Fruit


Allison Taylor

Collage with Acrylic-painted Paper

9" x 12"


Something About the Edges

Macdonald sate

Amy Macdonald

Oil on Canvas

12" x 12"



Griffinbrittle jpg

Kristin Griffin

Acrylic, Copper, Brass and Wire on Wood Panel

12" x 12"


“Reflections & Connections,” Old Harbor Beach, Gloucester, MA

Meservey good harbor beach 1120 1m jpeg

Diana Meservey

Oil on Linen Canvas

11” x 14”


Spanish Dance

Maltas spanish dance

Chris Maltas


16" x 20"


Ledesma Totems

Oneill ledesma totems

Craig O'Neill


24" x 36"



Donnelly abstract number 1

Kelley Donnelly

Mixed Media

24" x 24"



Coxe quarantine

Elizabeth Coxe


12" x 9"


Topaz in a Garden

Vitello topazinagarden jpeg

Miranda Vitello

Oil on Canvas

14" x 11"


City Sights

Kronick city sites

Robin Kronick

Acrylic on Paper

12" x 12"


Winding Road

Crandall winding road

Darcey Crandall

Oil on Linen

11" × 14"



Clark 22grandson22

Ruth Clark


16" x 12"


Welcome to Pizza Planeta

Torres Velez pizzaplanetpage001

Lyrsa Maria Torres-Velez


8" x 10"


Leo and the Ladybug

Entezary leo and the ladybug

Serena Entezary


12.27" x 16.36"


Morning Light


Catherine Hughes

Oil on Canvas

12" x 16"


About The Berta Golahny Student Awards

Portrait Of The Artist Golahny

Berta Golahny was a longtime visual arts teacher at CCAE, from 1959 to 2001. Her family provided a gift to create the Berta Golahny Awards in her memory. The gift was originally designed to support awards from 2016-2018. CCAE and the Golahny family decided to continue the student awards tradition annually.

The 2021 jury is comprised of:

  • Amy Golahny, Ph.D., Richmond Professor of Art History and Chair, Art Department, Lycoming College;
  • Faculty Juror for 2021: Brett X. Gamache, Drawing & Painting Instructor, CCAE Studio School

The jury will select the student award recipients by viewing all works selected for the exhibition.

Previous student winners include Anne McNevin, Kelly Slater, and Lauren Strand in 2016; Elizabeth Coxe, Kay Hudgins, and Judith Prager in 2017; Sharon Pattison, Ann Haycox, and Donna Haig Friedman in 2018; Mary Gillis, Susan Varga, and Pui Wu in 2019.

About Berta Golahny

Berta Rosenbaum was born in Detroit. She studied at the Arts Students League of New York on scholarship, the Art Institute of Chicago and the University of Iowa. She met Yuda Golahny in Detroit; they married and came to Cambridge for Yuda to study at MIT. Berta taught CCAE painting classes on Monday nights. Many of her students took her class continually for years, creating deep bonds between this extraordinary teacher and her students. In her obituary, one of these students asked, “Now that Berta is gone, what will we do on Monday nights?”

We encourage you to visit this website to learn more: Additionally, a large selection of prints by Berta can be found at The Brier Hill Gallery website:

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the exhibition, please email Jessica Covert at