Class Supply List

PAIO - Painting the Figure in Color - David Andrus

1 can turpenoid natural in a green can (this is a requirement for this class!)

• Oil colors:

Cad red light or substitute Alizarin crimson

Brilliant green or permanent green or a primary green Viridian

Cad yellow light or substitute Lemon yellow

Ultramarine blue

Cerulean blue or substitute Purple

A big tube of titanium white

• 1 small tube of acrylic paint to tone the canvas (burnt sienna is OK)

• Brushes suitable for oil painting, bigger is better (don’t waste your time with small brushes!); ask at

the art store if you’re not sure

• 1 pallet knife

• A small jar, some cloth rags, a pallet (plexi glass is good, 16 by 14 more or less); you can get at a

hardware store cheaper (don’t get the kind with a hole in it)

• Please bring one stretched canvas, approximately 16" by 20" to the first class.