Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is on November 30! Giving Tuesday is a global day of philanthropy that inspires millions of people around the world to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity.

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Giving Tuesday at CCAE

CCAE is thrilled to participate in Giving Tuesday, a global day of philanthropy that inspires millions of people around the world to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity.

Each and every gift matters! CCAE is committed to providing an affordable adult education experience for all! We do this through low tuition costs, our need-based scholarship program, small class sizes, hiring expert instructors, maintaining our historic buildings, and fortifying our ongoing community partnerships - our effort to give back to those in need.

If you support CCAE on Giving Tuesday, your gift will be doubled, dollar-for-dollar, thanks to a match fund created by a group of anonymous donors.

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Why Give to CCAE?

The CCAE Annual Fund is essential to deliver CCAE’s mission. Hear from our students, donors, and instructors on how CCAE positively impacts them.

“I have been taking classes at CCAE since 2018. Without CCAE, I would not have a community to share my interest in poetry writing. My favorite moments are sharing my love for poetry with classmates in Tom Daley’s workshops. I am looking forward to possibly exploring classes for other kinds of writing and gaining experience writing other forms.”

CCAE Scholarship Student

Every Gift Counts!

Nearly 450 donors contributed to The CCAE COVID-19 Fund, a fund that helped us through this last challenging pandemic period. Gifts made to the Fund under $250 brought in a total of $39,207, a testimony to our sincere belief that every gift counts!

“As a recent arrival to this area, I was able to meet friendly and interesting people by participating in various CCAE classes. Its staff and teachers are dedicated and knowledgeable. I give to CCAE because it brings different elements of the broader Cambridge community together and provides need-based financial assistance. This Winter term, I am looking forward to more literature classes with exceptional teachers!”

Nan S.

And where would CCAE be without our expert and dedicated instructors?

ESL Early Bird 13

“I have been involved with CCAE for over ten years, as both an instructor and student.

My favorite moments as an instructor are the little moments in class, when, despite our different languages, cultures, ages, backgrounds, we connect over our stories, goals, dreams, and fears. For me, it’s more than an ESL class, it’s a place where people come together and try to understand, learn from, and support each other.

My favorite moment as a student at CCAE has been attending the playwriting workshops, learning how to write a play, how dialogue can flow, how to create a scene – the classes are so fun and interesting, and some of the students are just brilliant writers. Everyone brings their own style. In these classes, I went from someone who had never written a play, to an aspiring playwright, to someone who writes plays and sees them produced in festivals and theatres around the country. It’s a lovely progression. CCAE’s mission is important to me because I’m such a strong believer in life-long learning. The quest for knowledge is never over.

I’m looking forward to the mix of new students in class and students who take my various classes every session. It’s like meeting old family and new family. I’m teaching a new 3-week class this winter, and it’s on Zoom so no one has to leave their house during the cold, cold days!”

Andrea Aptecker, Teacher and Playwright

CCAE Creates Community & Friendships

Forty Years: Adult Ed class conquers divorce, forges lasting connections

At the beginning of Fall Term, we heard from a group of women who took a CCAE class in 1981 titled “The Experience of Separation and Divorce.” This four-decade-old adult education class met during the heyday of modern marriage in the 1970's and 1980's when almost 50% of marriages ended in divorce following an era of civil rights and women's liberation. This group of women formed a bond together at CCAE and have been meeting regularly over the past 40 years. They have supported one another through tough times, celebrated the good times, and overcame the feelings of isolation brought about during the pandemic by moving their gatherings to Zoom. This is the power of connection through CCAE classes!