Dewayne Nelson's Farewell

March 29, 2024

Dewayne Nelson

Theater instructor Dewayne Nelson has left Cambridge Center for Adult Education to pursue his acting career full-time. During his 11-year career with us, he developed and taught all aspects of the stage, including auditions, full productions of plays, monologues, and storytelling classes. On Thursday, March 7th, past students, current colleagues, and fellow artists gathered in CCAE’s Spiegel Auditorium to congratulate and thank Dewayne for his years of service.

“We are so fortunate to have had Dewayne work with us. He has been teaching with us for over 11 years,” said Executive Director Linda Burton. “He has built a reputation as an amazing acting instructor, not only at CCAE but also throughout the Cambridge area.”

“I’ve watched Dewayne grow over the years as he mastered the art of performing and teaching,” said Michelle Baxter, current Performing Arts Program Director at CCAE and Nelson’s past theater instructor. “Dewayne’s dedication to hard work at CCAE is immeasurable. On behalf of your students, CCAE staff and instructors, family and friends, we say thank you for the opportunity to work and play with you. You will be missed by not forgotten, due to all of the wonderful things you have done for the community”

In addition to thanking Cambridge Center for Adult Education staff, Nelson also appreciates his students throughout the years. “Thank you to the wonderful students that I got to work with, many of you who I see here today,” said Dewayne. “I want to thank you for really committing and giving me your all. It made me feel good to know that you realized something about the way you work and your artistry.”

After well wishes and words of gratitude from students, peers, and mentors, Michelle Baxter and Linda Burton presented Nelson with a plaque that reads: “Theater is the artform of the present. It exists only in the present. Impermanence is part of the experience, but the stories remain with us.”

We say thank you to Dewayne for his dedication and commitment to his students and the entire CCAE community!