Karen Blumenfeld

Karen registered for White People Challenging Racism (WPCR) in 2016 hoping to better understand the upsurge in racism “out there.” Instead, WPCR challenged her to examine the racism “in here.” Which is to say, the workshop asked her to examine both her own understanding of race, and the public policies—such as redlining and funding of public schools through property taxes—that, by design, created the segregated and unjustly advantaged communities in which she has lived. Motivated by her commitment to the freedom and dignity of all people, and her belief that everyone deserves equal access to benefits, privileges and power, Karen actively volunteers in anti-hate and anti-racism spaces. She welcomes connection, collaboration, learning and action around these issues.
Karen joined WPCR in 2018 and is a member of its Leadership Circle. She is also vice-chair of her town’s human rights committee and co-chair of her faith community’s anti-racism group.

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