The Drink Problem and the Maps Made to Solve It: A Gripping Tale and Delicious Beer Tasting *In-Person*

In the late 1800s, guzzling to excess exploded on the heels of the Industrial Revolution. In England, organized anti-drinking groups created startling maps intending to shock people into abstaining from alcohol. Did these lovely temperance tools inspire zealous anger—or did they just make people thirsty? The story of their brief existence will be told amidst a tangle of licensing laws, corrupt temperance organizers, exasperated women, and - of course - several delicious pints of beer which we will sample in class while admiring the maps. Instructor: Kris Butler



Start Date

May 21, 2023









Sunday, 2-4pm. May 21. The cost of tuition includes all beverage materials and fees.

This class will meet in-person at CCAE. Please view our In-Person Class Guidelines prior to enrolling.

Instructors: Kris Butler


Kris Butler

Kris Butler is an exam-certified beer judge, past president of the Boston Map Society, and currently on the board of the Washington Map Society. Her book, The Drink Map Book: British Temperance Maps of the 1800s, is forthcoming from Bodleian Library Publishing. She is an award-winning homebrewer and has judged beer competitions in the U.S. and Italy. In the field of maps, she has lectured at the Harvard Map Collection, the Boston Public Library, and at the International Conference on the History of Cartography (Amsterdam). In spite of her love of maps, she has no sense of direction, especially after indulging in her love of beer.

Twitter: @TravelSips and @BosMapSociety

Instagram: @krisbutler6 and @Boston_Map_Society